Coincidences or Fated

Hye Mun is a smart, shy, funny, responsible, and an out going person. At least, until she got into an accident causing her to lose her memories. Ji Woo is a childhood friend who has liked her for years, will he take advantage of this and make her his? Or will he do what's right and let her go to Hyun Wook who has also like her for years. However, due to reason, Hyun Wook forgets about Hye Mun but doesn't let go of his feelings for her. He doesn't know it, but he loves her. When Hyun Wook and Hye Mun meet up again in 9th grade, they end up bumping into each other so very often. Are they coincidences? Or are Hye Mun and Hyun Wook fated? A/N: This is from the original story of Coincidences or Fated from Wattpad written by @Hayylinh79 also known as well me. Enjoy!


3. Chapter 1

"Okay class, I'll be assigning your new seats today for your upcoming projects."

Mr. Park instructed us to pack our bags and line up in the back of the class. Almost everyone was seated when he abruptly called my name, snapping me back into reality.

"Oh Hye Mun."

I walked to my new seat and slumped into it after setting my bag against the desk legs.

"Kim Hyun Wook."

Kim....Hyun.....Wook? Why does that sound familiar?

I could hear whispers from my friends and other students. I didn't know why. But I just kept silent. Mr. Park continued to assign the seats. As he did, a guy sitting in front of me turned around and whispered "Nice to see you again."

Nice to see me again? Do I know this guy....?

"I-I'm sorry. What?"

"Quiet down."

I ignored the thought and took out a book from my bag to keep me busy. After maybe 5-10 minutes, the bell finally rang, signaling students that lunch break was beginning. As I stood up from my seat, the boy from before blocked my way to the door.

"Did you miss me?"

"I'm sorry. Do I know you?"

I felt bad. He was obviously hurt that I hadn't recognized him.

"Tae Yoo, nice to see ya. You back to break more girls' hearts?"

The boy that had been assigned to sit next to me had stood up and began talking to the boy in front of me. Tae Yoo? Is that supposed to ring a bell?

"If you must know, Hyun Wook, I'm not. I'm here to make things up to someone here, so if you could give us some privacy please?"

"What? Is this another girl you've broken the heart of in the past? I haven't forgiven you. And I never will. It was all your fault."

Hyun Wook sent Tae Yoo a death glare. Okay what was going on? Will someone please fill me in? I silently cleared my throat and sneaked by the guys as they continuously sent each other death glares. At one point I think one of them may have provoked the other when I heard a sound like someone falling to the floor. I was worried but didn't want to get involved so I stood by the door hoping to hear what was happening and trying to stay out of the way at the same time.

"Are you waiting for someone?"

I lifted my head and saw Kate and Je Ki heading towards me back to the classroom. I shook my head no and pushed them away from the classroom.

"Hey, why are you pushing us away?"

"There are two guys in there and I think they're fighting."

Kate and Je Ki looked at each then back at me.

"What did you do?!" They both asked in unison.

"You seriously think I had something to do with this?"

"Well....wait. Who are the two guys in there?"

Je Ki's face was serious and it was more like she demanded to know instead of asking.

"Some guy named Tae Yoo and my new seat partner, Hyun Wook."

Je Ki and Kate's eyes went wide.

"Let's go in, so that they stop fighting."

And with that Je Ki and Kate left me dumbfounded at the hallways as they walked back to the classroom. I decided I'd come too since I didn't know where the other girls were. I jogged back to catch up to the girls and we walked in together. It seemed like we came just in time. Tae Yoo was holding Hyun Wook by the collar, lifting him up, Hyun Wook's feet were barely in touch with the ground. Tae Yoo lifted up a balled fist. I don't know what it was, but something flashed in my mind. Whatever it was it made me do something silly and something I should regret.

"Hye Mun what are you doing?"

It was some kind of instinct. I don't  know what made me do it, but I suddenly went running towards the two boys and stood in between, trying to stop the fight.

"Stop fighting! What would Ji Woo think of all this? What do you guys think I think about this!"

Tae Yoo was shocked I had done that. And right when he was about to punch Hyun Wook. He slowly let Hyun Wook down. Hyun Wook wiped some blood off of his face and grabbed his bag.

"Yah! Hyun Wook! You're hurt where are you going?!"

I tried to go running towards him to stop him but Tae Yoo grabbed my wrist and turned me around so that we were face to face, well he had to bend down a bit because I was tall but not that tall.

"Why aren't you worried about me too? I'm hurt as well...."

He stared down at me, his eyes never leaving my eyes while my eyes wondered around every direction possible.

"Yah! Tae Yoo! Micheosyo(are you crazy)?!"

Je Ki and Kate came and released his grip from my wrist which had began to hurt when he grabbed it so rashly.

"Are you trying to put her back in the hospital???"-Kate

Tae Yoo sighed. What was going on? Put me back in the hospital? I mean I know I have a bad habit of hurting myself but, never have I needed to go to the hospital. Unless to visit someone. Well at least I think never. From what I remember, which is 7th grade to now, I've never been so severely hurt I had to go to the hospital. I sighed and shook off the thought. We still had maybe 10-20 minutes left of lunch break so I decided to go find the girls.

I walked out of the classroom and began walking to the cafeteria. On my way there, I bumped into someone. I couldn't quite recognize who it was but he or she extended their hand to help me up.

"Thank you..."

I said it quietly but the student somehow heard me and pulled me up. Once I was up, I could see scars and dried blood on his face. Hyun Wook? He was about to walk away but I stopped him. He gave me a puzzled look.

"Wait, you're still hurt."


"Let me help you."

He looked straight into my eyes, that's when I noticed how soft his were. His eyes were a shade of light cocoa brown and they looked softly into mine.

"It's okay."

"No, it's fine, I don't mind, besides, you're badly hurt."

He sighed and asked me if he accepted my help would I stop asking. I smiled and admitted I wouldn't stop. I don't know why but he smiled too.

"Okay then, but we're in school right now. So how about you come over, with a friend if you want, and do it then?"

"Yeah sure, okay."

"Okay then, let me see your phone."

I took my phone out of my pocket and handed it him.

"I'm saving my number. Then I'll text you the address, ok?"


He took out his phone from his back pocket. Apparently he also liked keeping his phone there in case for emergencies. He called himself from my phone and saved my number on his. He handed me back my phone. And asked something I'm not sure if I should have seen coming.

"You want to eat lunch with my friends?"

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