I'm Not Her

Penelope Larissa Edwards has always wished she could have her sisters life. Why? Because her sister was Perrie Edwards. She was in the girl band Little Mix and you might have heard of her as Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Zayn Malik is 1/5 of that popular boy band One Direction. Penelope and Perrie use to be close but ever since game came around, Penelope has been stuck at home while Perrie is living the superstar life. After not seeing each other for a good six months, Perrie comes home and begs for a favor. A favor that included taking her place so she could go on a well deserved vacation. Only they would know and no one else. Reluctantly, Penelope accepts and takes her twin sisters life. As a singer and Zayn Malik's girlfriend. The thing is Zayn doesn't know that Penelope isn't Perrie. He thinks his girlfriend has changed... But for the better. Penelope tries not to fall for the charming Bradford boy, but before she knows it, she's head over heels. Penelope fights an emotional struggle. Between the sisterhood or a love life. Is it worth the risk? ***IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** This isn't mine, if you want to check out the original story go to Wattpad


2. Two: I'm Not His Girlfriend, She Is

Chapter 2; 

  "I can't do that!" I protested immediately. What was Perrie even thinking? Did she actually think that I was going to agree to that? It was an insane idea and probably impossible to pull off anyways so why did she even suggest such an idea? "That's absurd! I'd never be able to pull that off!" She wanted me to take her place? First off, why? Why couldn't she just say she was going on a vacation like she really was. Was there something wrong with telling the truth? The truth was always the best choice right?

"Penelope, you're my identical twin!" Perrie pointed out. Even if we look alike, our personalities differed so any person who was paying attention could see that and know which twin was which twin... If they knew there was a twin that existed anyway.   

"Yeah but we are total opposites! I don't know how to act like you. Plus, why can't you say that you're going on vacation?" I asked.  

"Because," she sighed, "if I do, they'll figure out where I'm going and all I want to do is go somewhere where no one knows who I am. I don't want people taking pictures of me, then bam, it's all over the Internet. Then, if I talk to a boy, they'll think I'm cheating! I like Zayn, I really do. It's just that the attention is crazy and it's hard to handle. I didn't even expect to become this famous! I just want to be away from the cameras for a bit. Away from the public eye." And she thought that I wanted to be scrutinized under the media's eye. Hell no. There was absolutely no way that it was happening.  

Perrie looked desperate though. Let me tell you one thing- Perrie never looked desperate. Like ever. She was ready to pull her hair out, which wouldn't be good since her hair was absolutely gorgeous. There was a shine to it that mine didn't have. Maybe it was my dysfunctional brain... Sure we had the same hair, but hers seemed better.   

Just like she was better at everything else.   

"Perrie, I can't do that. I can't sing first of all which is kind of big deal since you're a singer. I don't know the people you know. I-" Perrie had seriously taken the musical talent in the family that existed because my singing was the equivalent to a dying cat, moose, elephant, and walrus combined,  

The singing was left to Perrie and Perrie only.   

Perrie cut me off. "I already told my manager that my voice wasn't up for singing and it hurts. I'm off the hook for a while. Like a long while. Told them I had a surgery and plus, we're on a break right now so no need to worry. I'll be back in time to record a new album. You know who you need to know. In London, I hang only with the guys from One Direction and my band mates from Little Mix, but I doubt they'll be around. They're going home and spending time with their families so..."


"Pen, please," she pleaded. She had somehow made her eyes water- they looked glassy and big. She used this trick all the time on mum and dad.   

"What are we gonna tell mum?" I asked then. I didn't want to leave Mum and Dad alone. Their other daughter had left so what would they going to do without me?  

Well actually, I'm pretty sure they wanted me out of the house as soon as possible. I wasn't surprised if that either. I was sick of me too.  

"That you're coming to London with me." Perrie shrugged, "and the beauty of this is that they both are too technically dumb to figure out how to video call so we're off for the clear. I know what I'm going to do Penelope. I've learned how to be really sneaky."  

"You have everything planned don't you?"  

"Kind of," she smirked, "I've got it all sorted out."  

"Perrie, there's a bigger problem though." I said, thinking about a certain someone. Certain someone as in the male gender that may be dating my sister to whom I have never spoken to ever in my life.   

There was a problem right there.  

"And that would be..."  

"How am I suppose to be Zayn Malik's girlfriend if I know nothing about him!" I cried. "Perrie, I can't do it. I can't act like his girlfriend. I don't know this man at all and you expect me to be all lovey dovey with him? It just isn't possible. Did you think that one through? I refuse to act like his-"  

"It's easy to figure out stuff about Zayn," Perrie interrupted me mid ramble, "google him. Learn enough about his family. Then go on tumblr and you'll figure a lot of stuff about him there too. You'd be really surprised on what you can find on there. But Google is always the answer. Seriously, it helps a lot when you are wanting to learn about someone."  

I took out my phone and went on my Tumblr app. I guess I never ended up following One Direction Blogs or else I'd be updated with all this One Direction information and I wouldn't need to search now. So I searched Zayn Malik. "What the hell?" I muttered. All I saw were fan fictions involving Zayn and some weren't exactly clean. Actually, most of them were far from clean and I was uncomfortable looking at this.  

Perrie took my phone from my hands and looked at what I was so uneasy about. She cringed as well as her eyes scanned over this horrid piece of writing. "Well this is awkward," she typed something else in and handed the phone back to me.   

"I still don't know how I'm going to be able to act like I know him and he's my boyfriend! Perrie, I'm not doing this." I frowned, "I really can't, I want to help, but I can't"  

"Please Pen, please! I will make it up to you I promise. You can stay at my flat in London, and if you have questions you can skype me. Please do this one favor Pen." Perrie begged, "please." It was odd seeing her in desperate need. She looked like she was going to break and she really looked like she was in need of a vacation.  

"Alright." I, of course, regretted my decision the moment the words left my mouth. If I were thinking properly in that moment, I probably would've thought rationally and told my sister no. But I didn't, which happened to be one of the biggest problems I got myself into.  

"Thank you so much," Perrie squealed and enveloped me in a tight sisterly hug. "Penelope you're the best sister ever! The bestest sister in the whole entire world!"  

"I'm your only sister."  

"I know."  


A week later, I stood in front of a door to a flat. Perrie was next to me and handed me the key and the spare as well. She said she had one other just in case she decided to come back without any warning because Perrie was just unpredictable.  

She had a hoodie tugged over her blonde locks and sunglasses covering her blue eyes. She was in disguise and I was acting as her. Actually, she was borrowing the hoodie from me, but I knew she'd end up keeping it anyways. It wasn't like I was getting it back anytime soon. Now that I thought about it, the sunglasses looked like mine as well.  

Well then...  

I took the key from her outstretched hand. We looked at each other for the longest time. "Does Zayn even know you have a twin?"   

"Of course. He still thinks you're in South Shields with mum though," Perrie replied with a shrug, " I think you were visiting grand mum that day Zayn came by with me to visit Mum and Dad. It was a shame- you should have met him. He's a real sweetheart."  

"I bet he is"  


"Well alright... I guess this is it." I said, looking at the ground. My feet were in a pair of my converse- classic black. It was a little warn out but still in good condition considering how long I've had them and how much I wear them. They are my favorite shoes.  

"We can always Skype Pen. Promise, kay? I'll be back before you know it," Perrie grinned, "just have fun and knock yourself out with my closet. Just don't let anyone know. This is our little secret and we just got to keep it to ourselves."   

"How long will you be gone?" I questioned. If she disappeared for another six months, I was giving her the key and the nearest bus back home because six months was a hell of a lot of time to be pretending to be someone I'm not.  

"I really don't know..." She sighed. Perrie them gave me a big bear hug. "I'll miss you" Well there was no definite answer to that. If we hit the two month mark and there was still no sign of her telling me when she'd come back, I'd probably just leave and go back home  

"I'll miss you too," I said, "I'd better see you sooner than six months"  

"Alright," she agreed, "Bye Penelope."   

"Bye." She walked away leaving me with her key in my hand. I didn't bring anything but my phone since Perrie told me whatever hers was mine. Other than the clothes I'm wearing now, I didn't have anything else.   

I unlocked the door and pushed it open. I gasped.  

Yes, I knew she'd have a lot of stuff but I didn't expect it to be so luxurious and grand. It literally took my breath away- I found myself holding my breath actually.   

It was a really nice and modern flat. The walls were white with pictures of family and friends on the wall. The floors were dark wood. The fairly spacious kitchen and living room were in view right when you walked in. The kitchen had stainless steel appliances and notes posted on the refrigerator. The living room had a long beige L-shaped couch with a large flat screen tv directly in front of it. The was a plush white carpet on the ground under the dark coffee table. A single armchair was next to the couch.  

I started to explore. There was a hallway so I walked down it. There were four doors. I opened the first one and it appeared to be a bathroom. Another was a study. There was another door that was an unused bedroom which was probably the guest bedroom. The last door was at the end of the hall. All that was left would be Perrie's bedroom.   

I opened it and was shocked. The walls were painted white like the rest of the house, but there were colorful paintings on the walls to bring color. The bed was a giant king sized on with purple sheets and pillows. There was a plush carpet in front of the bed. Off in the corner was a book where she could sit and read or listen to music. There was a stereo directly in front of the bed. There were two doors on the other wall.  

I walked towards them and opened them up. I entered a massive bathroom. The shower was huge and there was a bathtub next to it. There was a giant mirror and sink in front of it. Perrie's giant supply of makeup was there. I went to the other door and was overwhelmed by Perrie's clothes. Her closet was huge with hangers and hangers of clothes on each side of the walk in closet. At the end of the closet was a wall of shoes going to the ceiling. A ladder was leaning on the wall. My god, Perrie was living the life of a superstar for sure.  

I came back to the bedroom and collapse onto the bed. "Oh help me God. How will I do this?" I groaned. I was basically lying to all of her friends here in London, which wasn't something I really wanted to do. And I didn't know how to act like my sister! Did this mean I could eat junk food in front of her friends? Dammit!  

I then heard a dinging noise. I sat up and searched from where it was coming from. Next to the bed was a nightstand where a mac book pro lay. Laptop... Well alright. I hope Perrie doesn't have a password because she didn't tell me anything. Why would she? I was her sister and it was my job to basically hack into her stuff and post a bunch of embarrassing stuff that she'd kill me for later on. It wasn't my fault that she left her password to Facebook on the floor of her bedroom the last time she left the house in South Shields.   

I opened the laptop and thankfully, there was no password to it. She probably set it up that way so I could get into it.   

It was a Skype call from Perrie... Already.  

"You just left," I pointed out, "please tell me you're coming back so I can go home and sit at my computer and blog about this for the rest of the day... In my bedroom"  

"No I'm still going Pen." She chuckled. "I told Zayn that I switched numbers and gave him yours so-"  

"I'm gonna expect calls from him? Thanks a lot Perrie." If I had a choice to avoid Zayn, I totally would take it. I was hoping that she wouldn't think about this much to the point that Zayn now had my number.   

Perrie gave me a wide grin. "Well I'm about to go through security. Chat with you later."  

I must've been exploring  the house for a long time for her to already be entering security. I probably stood in the living room gaping at the large TV for five minutes anyway. It was such a fancy place. I couldn't help but feel obligated to look at everything and admire it.  

My phone vibrated signaling that I had a new text message.   


From Unknown:  

Hey Perrie! It's Zayn xx  

To Zayn:  

Hey:) xx  

From Zayn:  

I'm going to swing by. Wanna visit my favorite girl! Haven't seen u in a while xx  

To Zayn:   

How long until you'll be here?  

From Zayn:   

Right about... Now  

I  heard the front door being knocked. Oh shit oh shit oh shit. I thought I'd have more time to prepare. Remember the basics.   

He's from Bradford.  

His most common phrase was "Vas Happenin?" Of that's what the video diaries had told anyways. Maybe that wasn't a big thing anymore...  

He makes weird facial expressions in One Directions new music video "Live While We're Young" That wasn't exactly important, but oh well. It was fun to watch.   Before me stood a stranger with a bright smile on his handsome face. Perrie was one lucky girl. Oh wait, I'm suppose to be Perrie. He held a variety of flowers to me. They were absolutely beautiful... And meant for Perrie... Not for me.  

But I was Perrie.  

I was confusing myself already.   

"Hey babe"  

I'm not Penelope Edwards anymore  

I'm Perrie Edwards

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