I'm Not Her

Penelope Larissa Edwards has always wished she could have her sisters life. Why? Because her sister was Perrie Edwards. She was in the girl band Little Mix and you might have heard of her as Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Zayn Malik is 1/5 of that popular boy band One Direction. Penelope and Perrie use to be close but ever since game came around, Penelope has been stuck at home while Perrie is living the superstar life. After not seeing each other for a good six months, Perrie comes home and begs for a favor. A favor that included taking her place so she could go on a well deserved vacation. Only they would know and no one else. Reluctantly, Penelope accepts and takes her twin sisters life. As a singer and Zayn Malik's girlfriend. The thing is Zayn doesn't know that Penelope isn't Perrie. He thinks his girlfriend has changed... But for the better. Penelope tries not to fall for the charming Bradford boy, but before she knows it, she's head over heels. Penelope fights an emotional struggle. Between the sisterhood or a love life. Is it worth the risk? ***IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** This isn't mine, if you want to check out the original story go to Wattpad


3. Three: I'm Not Telling the Truth

Chapter 3;

 "I knew I should have called," Zayn shrugged as a faint blush appeared on his cheeks and he shifted from one foot to the other, "but I wanted it to be a surprise." He handed me the bouquet of flowers. I lifted them up to my nose and sniffed.   

He probably thought I didn't notice but I saw his hands were sweating. He was so nervous... He wiped his hands on his jeans.   

"These are beautiful Zayn. Thanks." I smiled up at him due to the fact that he was taller than me. A lot taller actually, but nothing heels couldn't fix although I really hated them. They gave me horrible blisters... I opened Perrie's-my- door wider for him to come into the flat. It was technically Perrie's flat.   

But I was suppose to be Perrie.  

It was confusing for me already.   

"I missed you," he said, taking one step towards me. He was in front of me, too close for comfort and he leaned in to do one thing I had been dreading. Zayn leaned down to give me a kiss.   On the lips. No, no, no, no, no  

C'mon Pen... Think of something. Diversion. Distraction. I can't kiss him yet. Not right now. I just met this guy. Nope, I wasn't kissing him. Absolutely not.   

"Achoo!" I sneezed before his lips met mine. I threw my whole body over as I fake sneezed, nearly hitting him in the process. I covered my nose and mouth area as if I had snot all over myself. Attractive, I know. Obviously I didn't thought since it was a fake sneeze.  

"Gonna get a tissue." I mumbled, still holding my hand over my nose and mouth. I needed him to believe me because there was no way I was going to intentionally kiss a stranger. That was just weird... Especially if that stranger is my sisters boyfriend.  

Oh yeah. And part of the world famous boy band. A lot of girls would die to be in my place, but were they pretending to be their identical twin sister? No, didn't think so.  

Zayn gave me a weird look, but didn't question me. So far so good. I'm believable... Or so I think. He probably just thinks I went bonkers or something, which wouldn't exactly be unbelievable. I was a little nuts... But of course Perrie wasn't   Dammit! Why is this so difficult?  

I went to the kitchen and grabbed a tissue. I made nose blowing noises and threw it away before I reluctantly came back to Zayn. I bet he found my noises extremely attractive and not gross at all. Note the heavy sarcasm used there.   

"How was your visit with your family in South Shields?" Zayn asked. He put his muscular and tan arm around my shoulder and lead me to the living room to sit down on the couch. I noticed he had a various amount of tattoos on that arm. Most of the time, they would frighten me, but Zayn didn't seem intimidating at all. Actually, he seemed really sweet.   

Then again, I had only know him for the past five minutes.   

"It was great. Seeing my sister was great too. I hadn't seen her in a while," Lies, lies, lies. I didn't even know what Perrie would say if seeing me was great. If she wanted to see a reflection or herself, she would just look in the mirror. However, it was true she hasn't seen me in a while. Six months was half a year. I saw her on the Internet and over video chat sometimes but that was it.  

"What's your sisters name?" He asked, "I forgot." I couldn't help but feel hurt that Perrie rarely ever mentioned me, but I wasn't exactly surprised. There was a reason a lot of her fans didn't know she had a sister.   

"Penelope Larissa Edwards." I responded as I said my own name. The words felt weird coming from my mouth. I was basically introducing myself but I wasn't. This logic was confusing. He didn't know any better though. I admit it is kind of sad that he couldn't tell that I wasn't even his girlfriend.  

That either means that;  

1. I was a really good actress  

2. He was just really clueless or  

3. Both one and two  

"Same initials aye? That's pretty cool." Zayn smiled. I couldn't tell if it was genuine or forced. He had a mysterious glint to him and I couldn't tell what it was...  

"Yeah," I agreed, "We're both PLE." God could I sound more stupid? I probably could. My stupidity isn't something to be tested.  

"Perrie Louise Edwards." Zayn murmured. He lifted my chin up with his finger. "What a beautiful name." Our eyes were locked on each other. I was afraid of cracking and messing up, but so far he has been seeing right through me. He doesn't know.  


It was awkward for me to sit next to this young man and pretend like we've known each other for the longest time. I didn't know him at all. Today was my first day meeting him face to face. I've seen pictures of him, but that's because he is part of the hottest boy band of this time. His face is everywhere. It was the fact that I couldn't avoid looking at him, but I never thought I'd have to act like his girlfriend. I didn't look  that deep into him. This was frightening.   

I saw it in Zayn's eyes. He wanted to kiss me... Or rather Perrie... Right at this moment. I was not emotionally ready for this. Why? Because I've only been kissed once before and that was with someone about five years ago. It was even a date and the worst part was it was my crush. It was the sad truth. So I've never actually had a real kiss... Which is quiet pathetic for a nineteen year old isn't it? It wasn't my fault that the guys fell in love with Perrie, only to have them reject them. When they look at me, they saw me as their second choice. I didn't want to be someone's second choice- I wanted to be someone's first choice, how selfish was that?  

I wasn't experienced with kissing. I knew Perrie was. She was always the twin that got the guys' attention. She wore the best trends while I wore t-shirts and jeans. I prefer comfortable over style and she was just the opposite. She had an outgoing personality while I was shy in contrast. We were different.  

Perrie was better though. Always.  

I couldn't let Zayn kiss me. I would ruin everything. Sure I didn't want to be doing this at all, but it was a favor for my sister and I intend to fulfill it. I couldn't promise her something and not keep it. That was against the sister code... The unwritten sister code. Maybe it wasn't for sisters... Maybe it was for twins. Anyways it was far too late to back out now and I don't even know where Perrie went. She could be in Puerto Rico for all I know.   

Once more he leaned in trying to kiss me. I dodged away once more. I felt so guilty doing this, but I wasn't going to let his lips near mine. At least not right now... Hopefully never. "Perrie what's wrong?" He questioned. I don't know if he looked hurt or angry or just frustrated.   

"I have a cold, I don't want you catching it." I lied through my teeth. What a pathetic excuse. I was a pathetic excuse for a human being. A cold? That was a horrible excuse. I was perfectly healthy. I coughed loudly emphasizing that I was sick...ish  

Zayn sighed like he was frustrated. I would be as well if I was in his shoes. We stood in silence because I didn't know what to say. What would Perrie say?  

The thing was... I didn't know. I had no clue what my twin would say. "God dammit, do you know how hard this is?" Zayn finally said, running a hand through his hair and messing up the quiff that probably been styled this morning.   

"What?" I asked. "What's hard?" Now I was confused. What the hell was he even talking about?  

"Dating you." He said like he wanted to pull his hair out. I wouldn't blame him. But dating me? Or rather Perrie? That was like an insult to my sister. Hell no.  

"Then why don't you break up with me?" I asked. Crap, I shouldn't have said that. I could be jeopardizing Perrie's relationship the first day. I was a screw up. Ha- Perrie would kill me. But then I wouldn't have to do this anymore.   

"Perrie! Don't you remember? God, get it into your blonde little head." Well excuse me mister. "We have to fake date for publicity." Zayn said, "and you won't cooperate. It would be easier to make romantic gestures you know? But  you. You're making everything just so damn hard."  

Perrie didn't love Zayn. It was for the publicity. I understand now. "I'm sorry," I said, clearly shocked, "just forgot there for a second there. But I don't want you to get sick, stupid. At least I'm considerate." LIES LIES LIES! God, I was never a good liar. I wouldn't be surprised if I blew the cover the next day. Actually, knowing me, I probably will. If I could last more than a week, I will be impressed.   

"Okay." Zayn sighed. "I guess a nasally voice wouldn't be good for my career. But if you have a cold-"  

"I'm off the hook for a while. I can't sing for a while because it hurts like crazy. And anyways, it's my break right now." I lied. A partial lie, but lie nevertheless.  

"Oh alright..." Zayn said. There was another long awkward silence. "I would really like to try harder for this relationship. I know it's not real, but it would be better if we practice it so its more believable in public."  

"I guess..." I was still a little shaken up about the fact that Zayn and Perrie were dating for publicity. He seemed like a decent guy and actually, someone that Perrie would end up with. I mean, yes he has tattoos but Perrie liked edgy guys... I think. But he was everything a girl would want.  

Hot. Damn sexy. Sweet. Hot.  

"How about we grab some lunch? How about some Nando's? We could even call the rest of the boys. Niall's been complaining about not having any for the longest time and I just want to shut him up. Eleanor can come too so you won't be the only girl aye?" Zayn asked.  

Niall Niall Niall... The blonde guy... Irish I think.  

Eleanor Eleanor Eleanor... Louis's girlfriend.  

Louis Louis Louis... The really loud one with kind of a high pitched voice and said he liked girls who ate carrots in this YouTube video I researched the other day.  

Was I ready? Let's hope so! "Uh sure!" I agreed. "Let me get dressed into something else... That's not this." I said gesturing to my Abercrombie sweat pants and old band t-shirt.  

Zayn nodded. "I'll just stay here for a million years because that's how long it will take you to finish."  

I slapped his arm "you underestimate my epic skills at changing quickly." Unlike Perrie, I go at super speed. I learned how to do that mostly because I woke up late and had to get ready for school super quickly.  

Zayn chuckled as I walked into Perrie's gigantic closet with a billion choices. It was every girls dream right there.   

I selected a rose pink Peter Pan collar shirt and paired it off with black high-waisted shorts. I slid black sandals onto my feet before looking to the mirror, satisfied. I had put a little makeup on this morning and didn't feel like reapplying. It should last the whole day...  

"Done," I said. I grabbed my phone off the counter and slid it into my back pocket along with the key to the flat. I wasn't in the mood to carry around a bag all day either.

"That might be the fastest Perrie Edwards has  ever changed." Zayn grinned, "this is the weirdest day ever"  

Because I wasn't Perrie Edwards.  

I was Penelope Edwards. Not that he needed to know that information. That was top secret information.  

"No makeup either? Who are you and what have you done with my girlfriend?"  

I replaced her while she was off on a vacation, I thought.  

"I'm wearing makeup." I rolled my eyes, "just not a lot. Duh. Maybe I like change. I put some on this morning but I'm lazy so..."  

Zayn shrugged as we exited the flat. We went down to the first floor.  

Zayn had parked outside. I slid into the passenger seat of his black car and buckled my seatbelt. "Nando's right?" I questioned.  

"Nando's it is. You should order the peri peri chicken." He joked.  

"Haha..." I said in a sarcastic tone.  

"No, but seriously, it's good."   

"ZAYN! This isn't the first time I've been to Nando's," I rolled my eyes, "it's nothing new."  


We drove and chatted for a bit. I was being Perrie and I was doing just fine. Thank god. By now, I thought I'd blow the cover.   

I was Penelope Edwards.  

I wasn't exactly a talented girl- seriously, I didn't join any school activities. I just studied... A lot.  

I should go into acting if this lasts.   

Zayn finally parked in front of Nando's. I got out and we walked inside together. There were four boys and a girl already sitting at a table. There was already food at the table and a blonde boy, Niall I think, was busy eating.  

"Hey Perrie!" The girl- Eleanor- said.   

"Hey El!" I said.  

"PERRIE!" Louis said. He was loud so that helped me figure out who he was.  

"Hi Louis." I sat down next to the curly haired boy... Harry... And Zayn was seated adjacent to me.   

"As you can see, Niall couldn't wait any longer." Liam said. He had a buzz cut which in the car, Zayn informed me that he cut it for Cancer Awareness. I thought it was sweet, but I couldn't imagine Zayn without his precious hair.   

Perrie had told me that Zayn loved his hair. He was obsessed with it. Apparently those were the rumors anyways, but he had already messed it up today so I presume that it wasn't exactly 100% true. But it did look kind of perfect when he showed up at the door.   "Aw, it's alright." I laughed.   "So how was going home Perrie?" Eleanor asked politely.    "It was great. I got to see my mum and dad. My sister too." I said. "It was great to be there while it lasted."   "You have a sister?" Eleanor asked. "Sorry I just didn't know."  

"Oh it's fine." I said. I guess Perrie didn't really talk about me much. "Her names Penelope."  

"I wish I had a sister." Eleanor sighed.  

"I'll be your sister!" Louis laughed.  

"You're not a girl Lou." Eleanor chuckled.  

"I can if you want me to be."   

"I like you as my boyfriend."  


I had to admit, the couple was extremely cute and sweet. That was how I dreamt my relationship would be. But first I had to get a boyfriend. Technically, Zayn was Perrie's boyfriend. Well fake boyfriend...  

I've always thought about who I would end up with, but no faces come to mind. I might be single until I die. Forever alone.

"Are you alright?" Zayn asked and put a hand on my shoulder.  

"Oh I'm fine," I replied, shaking the thoughts out of my head. "Just a bit hungry. Niall save some for me!"  

The lads chuckled and Niall reluctantly pushed some chicken my way. It must be really hard for him to do that. I grabbed a piece and Niall quickly claimed back the plate.   

"I'm gonna eat the rest of this now." Niall said. "And don't you dare touch my chicken."    

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