I'm Not Her

Penelope Larissa Edwards has always wished she could have her sisters life. Why? Because her sister was Perrie Edwards. She was in the girl band Little Mix and you might have heard of her as Zayn Malik's girlfriend. Zayn Malik is 1/5 of that popular boy band One Direction. Penelope and Perrie use to be close but ever since game came around, Penelope has been stuck at home while Perrie is living the superstar life. After not seeing each other for a good six months, Perrie comes home and begs for a favor. A favor that included taking her place so she could go on a well deserved vacation. Only they would know and no one else. Reluctantly, Penelope accepts and takes her twin sisters life. As a singer and Zayn Malik's girlfriend. The thing is Zayn doesn't know that Penelope isn't Perrie. He thinks his girlfriend has changed... But for the better. Penelope tries not to fall for the charming Bradford boy, but before she knows it, she's head over heels. Penelope fights an emotional struggle. Between the sisterhood or a love life. Is it worth the risk? ***IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** This isn't mine, if you want to check out the original story go to Wattpad


1. One: I'm Not Perrie

***IMPORTANT MESSAGE*** This isn't my original idea this is JustAdriana's idea from Wattpad. Here is a link to the original story http://my.w.tt/UiNb/LRzkOb7Bou please enjoy :)


Chapter One;

"Mama told me not to waste my life; she said spread your wings..." I was listening to Little Mix's song, Wings. Little Mix is a girl band- yes a girl band and just as good as the Spice Girls, in my opinion at least. Maybe it was just my job to say it since my sister was in that band. Little Mix- not the Spice Girls. I wasn't that old. 

Twin sister to be exact.

I don't even know if you've heard of her. But my sister is Perrie Edwards. Maybe that name rings a bell if you know that popular boy band One Direction. Perrie is dating one of those boys. I haven't seen her in six months. 

But here I am, Perrie's younger by seven minutes twin sister, sitting at home listening to her sister's successful song.
Now having a twin sister wasn't all that fun. Maybe you think it would be, but it was hell. Having people you by the wrong name was exhausting as well as irritating. There were times when I would talk to my own mother for a week because she called me Perrie seven times in a row- I counted. If that wasn't annoying and frustrating, I didn't know what was.

"Penelope!" I heard my mother call. I took my headphones out of my ears and walked down the stairs to my mother, who was probably just about to do laundry or something. It just seemed like one of those days for her. I never really knew what she did. I prefer to keep to myself, locked up inside my room. It's nice and peaceful there. "Take out the trash please"

I sighed. Although my sister was living as a star, I was still at home. I still had to do chores around the house, clean around, and act like any normal nineteen year old. Well, fine, maybe nineteen year olds isn't spend their days on their asses, but were probably attending a university of some sort. I had yet to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my non exciting life. Seriously, nothing fun happened. I swear half of Perrie's fans didn't even know a second Perrie existed. Yes, it's bad enough to the point where I call myself "a second Perrie", not her twin. But anyways, she has enough money to afford her own home.
I mean she has a flat in South Shields, where we lived, and another one in London since that's where her boyfriend, Zayn, lives. You know, Zayn Malik. That tan and mysterious brown eyed boy. Well that's my description of him anyways. He had a bunch of tattoos as well, which didn't seem like Perrie's type, but if she was happy... The tattoos didn't bother me. I bet they signify something important to him. I found them interesting while other found it revolting.

I grabbed the trash bag and brought it outside. The weather was getting a bit chillier since it was October already. I had been on my butt the whole day so it was weird using my legs and actually going outside. Although I would hate for a really hot guy to come jogging by. After all, I was dressed in pajama pants and a rather large t-shirt. Did I mention my feet were stuffed in a pair of fuzzy blue slippers?

I was heading back inside, already getting uncomfortable from being outside, when I heard a car door slam shut. I swear if it was some person parked in front of our house to steal our wifi...
I turned around and my eyes focused on a familiar girl. Her hair, white blonde, her eyes, blue. Exactly like me. "Pen!" She cried. Perrie ran towards me and enveloped me in a big hug. She hugged me so tightly I couldn't breath. Well I could, but it was hard. You could get the idea of how hard she squeezed me.

"Hey!" I smiled, "I haven't seen you in so long." She didn't look any different actually. Well... She looked exactly like me but for once, I looked well rested for once. Perrie had bags under her bright blue eyes.

"Too long!" She responded, "but I've been busy." Busy being famous. Busy dating a hot and famous guy. Busy doing a job she loved. Busy having her life all figured out for her. 
Oh what a hard life Perrie faced.

"Yeah superstar" I chuckled, "what are you doing here anyways?" Don't get me wrong. I loved my sister to death, but it was nice not having anyone confuse me for my sister since I was the only one around home now. 

Then again, I wasn't famous. 

"I can't even visit my family? Come on Pen!" She pouted. "What's wrong with you? Don't you miss your twin?" 
I smirked "Come one! Lets go inside. I bet mum'll be very excited to see you. She's been complaining that you haven't been coming to visit her more often. I think she's getting sick of me." That wasn't a lie.

Perrie just shook her head and laughed. She linked our arms together and we walked inside the house. Mum was sitting at the kitchen table with a pair of glasses at the tip of her nose. She held a newspaper in her hands. It was like her morning ritual. I could hear the laundry machine rumbling in the background. Turns out she did do the laundry. At least I'd have an assortment of pajama pants to look through now. I had been wearing the same ones all week. 

"Hey mum" Perrie greeted.

"Good morning Penelope" she sighed "What took you so long?" She set the newspaper down on the table and pushed her glasses back up her nose. Mum looked up and her eyes widened. "Is Perrie here or am I seeing double?"

"If you were seeing double then there would be four of us." Perrie laughed. "It's good to be home Mum. And if you can't figure it out... The one dressed in suitable afternoon clothes and not the middle of the night clothes is me." 

I looked down at my pajamas. It wasn't like I needed to go out in public today so why make an effort to dress if I wasn't leaving the house? 

That was my logic

Mum smiled brightly. Perrie had always been her favorite even if Perrie had argued with me over the topic twenty time too many. Perrie didn't see it, but to Mum, I was practically a disappointment. Perrie was the better of the Edwards twins. She was famous, I was not. She had money. I was basically broke. She had her own home. I was still living with my parents. 
I could see why Mum liked Perrie better.

"We have to celebrate!" Mum grinned. "You haven't been here in months! Penelope, you can make a cake right? I bet we have some cake mix around the house. Ooh, it may be expired so you could run down to the grocery store couldn't you? I have a list. And Perrie, I'll make your favorite dish! Oh, your father must know about this! I'll call him now!"

"Mum," Perrie interrupted our mothers ramble, "I'm not planning on staying much longer."

"You're not?" Mum and I asked. Despite the fact that Perrie was mum's favorite I still missed my twin. Recently I've been doing everything solo instead of everything with Perrie. I say at the porch swing alone. Made cookies alone. Went shopping alone. Perrie was my enemy, but my best friend at the same time. Not having her for six months was like not having a best friend for six months.

"No" Perrie said nervously as she started to play with her fingers. She only did that when she was nervous. What could she possible be nervous about? It was probably a boy. Boys were always a problem. I wouldn't know though. Boys were a whole new category of things I shouldn't be asked about. I had like zero experience. "I was just here to talk to Pen for a bit. I need to talk to her"

"About what?" I asked.

"Stuff" Perrie said "Excuse us mum." Perrie grabbed my arm with a hard grip and dragged me to her bedroom which connected to mine. She shut the door and locked it. She pressed her back against the door and sighed. 

"What?" I asked "Why couldn't you stay a little bit longer? Did you see how happy mum was when she saw you? You haven't been here for six months and-"

"I need a favor" Perrie cut off "you might not want to do this, but just please. Hear me out. I recalled really need this. You don't understand how desecrate I am. If I could handle this myself I wouldn't be here"

If she could handle things herself, she wouldn't have come home. I get the idea. 

Never have I heard Perrie say that she needed help... Or a favor. She was the independent one. she wasn't the type of girl to say she wanted help. She did everything herself. I was the opposite. I depended on others. She was the leader, I was a follower. That is how it was even before we were kids. There has always been a significant difference between us, except our looks.

"Um... Okay?" I said. There was no harm in listening. 

"I...I need a vacation Pen. I can't do this anymore." She cried. She collapsed onto her bed that hadn't been touched in so long. She buried her head into her pillow. "I can't do this anymore." The bed must be dirty. I would be surprised if she popped back up and coughed up dust. I didn't think we changed the sheets since last time she visited home. 

Six months ago.

"Do what?"


"What Perrie? Be more specific! You know some twins can understand each other quite well but that is not our case." I said. I remembered this YouTube video of these two twin baby boys that were talking to each other in gibberish language and they seemed to understand each other.

Perrie and I?

Definitely not like that. We couldn't read minds or anything. As much as we liked to imagine we were out of the ordinary and had super powers, we just weren't. 

"I-I... Never mind" Perrie sighed. "But the favor... I just... I don't even know anymore. I don't know what to do anymore."
"Perrie, are you going to tell me or not?" I sighed. "I can be doing other things? Before I took out the trash, I was buying a bunch of iTunes music and I can go back to that. I mean it's more interesting than sitting here and listening to you tell me nothing." 

Perrie rolled her eyes.

"I'm just going on a well needed vacation Pen. I need a vacation. The fame... I can't handle it anymore! I'm more known as Zayn Malik's girlfriend than Perrie Edwards from Little Mix. His fans expect me to be perfect! I'm spitting hugging his band mate Harry, the next thing I know there are rumors going around that I'm cheating on him! Then I have cameras stalking my every move. I can't even go on a jog without cameras flashing in my eyes." Perrie went on and on about all of her reasons. I used to envy her for her stardom life, but I could see how hard it really was for her. The pressure was on her. 

"What can I do about that Perrie? I can't control magazines and-"

"I want you to take my place while I'm gone" she blurted out. 

Hold up.


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