*WIP* part 5

part 5 whoo! - i would still love some ideas for names of this fic thing?


1. WIP Part 5!

The left overs were fastly made done of and we both settled down in our spots of the apartment


,,Bucky’’ i suddenly chuffed, he shifted in his corner and glared


,,what about it’’


,,nothing. Thats your name?’’ he got up and i got ready to stand up as well, he was tensing up


,,what about it’’ he stood in front of me now and i stood up myself


,,nothing - at ease’’ it was just something that fell out, i had heard my handlers saying them when i had been let loose to annihilate my target and they found me still beating whoever it had been


We werent to far apart, i tilted my head to the side


,,just asking’’ i snared, i had a sense in my stomach similar to when i beat my target up, a red and hot coil tensing


Suddenly he grabbed me by the collar of my shirt and by instinct i stepped back and slammed my fist down his arm, luckily the flesh one. I struck correctly since his entire right side buckled for a few seconds, enough that i could wrench myself out of his grip

He had hit the ground since my wrenching motion had also included shoving over hard.

We glared at each other


He treaded to the furthest end of the room which didnt help him get away from me, given that i went to lay down on the couch which just happened to be in the middle of the room.


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