Mystery of candy corridor Chapter 1: Finding candy corridor

Running faster and faster away from what seemed to be a happy and sweet place but we were wrong it's true dark colours have been shown who knows what else the candy makers got up her sleeve


1. Finding Candy corridor

Rosie and Poppy were the new girls in school. While trying to find their way to class they encounter a ominous set off stairs leading down to what seemed to be a basement 
Poppy screamed in delight 
"Let's go down, screw class we can go on an adventure!!" 
Rosie sharply shock her head and replied "NO!!, YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD BE DOWN THERE!!" 
"Exactly" poppy replied 
Rosie hesitated she sighed "fin-" before finishing her own sentence poppy dragged her down to the basement.
"Poppy find the lights"rosie screamed suddenly a flicker of light shone down on them revelling a gingerbread door? " very strange...Why would there be a random gingerbread door in a dingy basement? "Rosie said curiously 
Poppy was examing the door and suddenly said "let's go in " 
"Are you serious she said annoyed bit she was also very curious .. wait this could reveal a lot more about this door and what's behind it let's go " 
Before poppy went to open the door it opened... by itself like it was expecting them to come. This was way creeper than the stairs by a long shot 

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