Mia is the reflection of her 'Dumb ass' twin, Macey, who supposedly stole her crush. But when Macey goes missing and Michael mistakens Mia for Macey, could she find a clue as to where Macey has gone?


1. Sugar & Soap

Mia's POV

'Sugar & Soap

You know that expression, well I think it's an expression unless you idiots actually do it, anyways, it's when you say bad stuff or tell secrets or some of that shit, and you wash your mouth with soap to get rid of the evidence of you saying it? Well yeah, I don't believe in that bullshit, but I was dumb enough to do it. Let me explain...

I rolled out of bed, and like any other teenager, i reached for my phone, the damn thing was full of alerts, I said I'd turn the Instagram alerts off, but i didn't get to it. I scurried downstairs to check the time on the oven clock. 8:46, definitely late. Macey, my twin, had taken the Jeep and I had to walk Liam to school. As i hurried to get ready, Liam tiredly screeched from upstairs. Possibly because it was 8:51 by now and he was gonna be late. He ran downstairs and began to speak,


Sometimes I believe he doesn't speak English


Other times I just want to buy the kid a dictionary.


Occasionally I want to throw one at his head

Anyways, today sucked. My lil bro had to Just Had To, point out Macey driving Michael to school. I took him to school and left. At school I went to homeroom, yet again Miss Marina was outside the school 'Smoking' her cigarette, which left the classroom to mayham. With Rheana and Jake making out in the corner of class, Thalia smoking in class, Michelle drawing pictures on the white board and Bassically all you can hear is the boys yelling "That's what she said", whilst everyone else replies with "ohhh gosh" or some shit.

Where's Macey? Oh yeah, the usual, sitting on Michaels desk.

"Ohhh stop it" Lara yells. Followed by a few innapropriate comments from the 'Dirty minded people'. I get it, their teens, so am I, but can we make things more mature?!

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