Dear diary

Elena is starting on a new school and she's looking forward to it but everyting is not what it looks like.
Elena is balancing on a knife's egg.
She could tell her friends her secret and show Them the monster she is or she could just walk away without telling them.
And the worst thing something bad is comming and it's moving fast towards them.


16. 3rd of November

Dear diary

As I said earlier today I'm having a sleepover with my friends. I told them about last night. They also met my family. I was a little nervous about it because through my hole life my parents have hated other spices. But they took it extremely fine, except when they should shake hands with McKenna. My heart stopped beating (or it felt like that but my heart stopped beating for years ago, I'm dead but I forgot that ) Elijah did exactly what he shouldn't do he prepared for an attack. I ran out of the room whit Elijah right before he was going to jump.

"What are you doing" I whispered "I'm protecting our lives" he said "she's dangerous Elena I don't want to see you hurt again" he added, "again, what do you mean, you haven't seen me hurt" I whispered "yes I have, in the first month of our afterlife (as he calls it) you couldn't get any feed in you course you didn't want to be a vampire. I was terrified for your life but then you got better when we erased your memory about your other life." He said "and I don't wanna see you like that again" " thanks Elijah" I said and hugged him, I had always thought that it was me and Stefan that were closest but now I know It was me and Elijah " I love you so much but I can watch out for myself and you can trust my friends" I said to him wile we hugged. His reaction was a little surprising cause he didn't know what to do because he never got a hug before. But he nodded. When I walked back in the living room were all of my friends gone. I used my powers to search for them and found them in my room. Elijah used his telepathic powers and asked me one last time about I was sure. "Take it easy Elijah if something happens I will say it to you through telepathy ok" I said okay he said I'm going to hunt, I'll be back in an hour, but don't do something stupid, okay.


He left and I walked up to my friends in my bedroom. When I came in they all sat on my bed and looked around the room, and they all had a cup in their hand.

"Emily" I said to myself and they all looked at me and after a few seconds we all started to laugh.

"It's a beautiful room Elena, do you play?" Alvina asked and pointed at the piano that was in the front of my giant window. I had always thought that my room was very big. In the middle of the room is a gigantic chandelier and At the wall that pointed to south is my bed it's reed and black. In the east wall is out of glass. And my desk whit a laptop and school stuff is at the west side. Beside my bed is a little table with a rose from Damon. It's very rare because it's black, he is the only person who has planted a rose like that.

"Yes I play, do you wanna hear?"


I began to play a song I made for Damon, it is slow and quite but still very beautiful (he said that to me when I played it for the first time) the tones filled the room. When I was done they all sat like in trance.

"That was… magical" the all said

"Have you made that" Scarlett asked

I nodded and smiled.

"It's for him that gave you that rose right? I've never seen something like that all black but a little violet. " McKenna said

I nodded a again.

"Boyfriend!" Alvina said "what's his name?"

"Damon" I answered

They all just stared at me

"How old is he"


Now they just freaked, but then the remembered that he also was a vampire.

Then I saw the moon was going up, and the worst… IT WAS FULL. everything happened so fast. McKenna started to transform. The first thing I thought of were DAMON. 'Damon help she transformed' and after two seconds he was right in front of me to protect me. I was scared. He could get killed. It was easy to see that he is my boyfriend. He is very protective. But he got bitten. But he didn't stop attacking her. When I saw his scar from the bite I lost my control and started groaning to her and turned into a white wolf and started attacking her but Damon hold me back. 'It's you friend McKenna , Elena stop he said with a power that made me feel bad about what I did. After a moment I tuned back 'I'm sorry but I saw her bite you and I got really mad about it so I lost control over my rage' I said through my thoughts while I hugged him. "I'm so sorry McKenna! Are you okay?" She was herself again "I understand why you did what you did I would have done the same thing! And yes I'm okay! But how can you turn into a wolf like me? Whatever! You must be Damon, I'm McKenna!" She said

"Hello McKenna, Alvina and Scarlett, as McKenna mentioned I'm Damon" he said

"And back to you" she said and looked at me again "how did you do that and how did you call Damon without we heard anything?"

"Okay the animal thing is just a thing every vampire with a lot of power can do" I stopped wile Damon turned into a big black eagle. And the all gasped when he flew around my head and sat down on my shoulder. "As you see I'm transforming into white animals where Damon is black. That's something whit our aura. And the other thing is because I have a special power that does I can talk through my thoughts. Every vampire can do that but mine is extremely strong. And he got over here with his super speed." I ended and demonstrated it with I ran down to the kitchen and took a cup of tea whit me back to McKenna. I did it in 2 milliseconds. They all just looked at me, while I handled McKenna the cup of tea.

"Is that all of you questions?" I asked

"No absolutely not, but it's enough for today!" Said Scarlett while McKenna took a sip of the tea.

"Okay I'm going to see if my parents heard it" I said

"And I'm saying good night and be careful! Okay" Damon said

"Good night Damon and thanks" McKenna said

"You're welcome" he said

My turn I said through telepathy.

You little… you know I love you

I love you too

we left the room and walked down to the front door

Good night princess

Good night Damon

Tomorrow when your friends are gone home…

Of course

I kissed him good night and he left.

I whent into the living room to see about my family heard anything. To my luck. They weren't home, maybe they were out looking for the enemy of ours. Nah whatever. I walked up to my room. They all sat and stared at the door.

"Okay are you ready for bed" I said

"Did they hear anything?" Alvina asked with a voice full of fear

"No they weren't home. But I think you should go to bed now or at least get ready"


I walked out on the bathroom and changed into pj. My pj is black and red and on the top there is a sentence and it says: I'm never going to sleep! And that's right so I thought it was a little sarcastic, and I really love it.

When I came out the others had did the same.

"Ok! Now for the beds!" I said whit a grin on my face when I pressed a button in the corner of my room. The all gasped when the rest of my furnitures disappeared down under the floor and a bed came down from the ceiling.

I began to laugh at their faces because I had seen it before but for an outsider that would look really weird.

"Woooow" Scarlett said

"Yeah if you need to sleep then you shall be good and comfortable in your sleep, am I right?"

"Yes" said Alvina and smiled

We all went to bed but the questions weren't done jet.

"But can you even sleep?" McKenna asked

"It's only sometimes I sleep!"

"But what are you doing if you're not sleeping?" Scarlett asked

I looked at them with a serous face and said:"for the most I'm haunting, but if I don't need to then I'm reading learning or playing that's different from time to time!"

"Okay that sounds pretty normal" McKenna said "But I think you're right I really need some sleep"

And then they all slept 3 seconds after.

I could not sleep so I wrote in you. It has been a kinda good day today, and now I will try to get some sleep

Bye for now

XOXO Elena Salvatore

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