Dear diary

Elena is starting on a new school and she's looking forward to it but everyting is not what it looks like.
Elena is balancing on a knife's egg.
She could tell her friends her secret and show Them the monster she is or she could just walk away without telling them.
And the worst thing something bad is comming and it's moving fast towards them.


3. 2nd of August

Dear dairy

I got my ring back yesterday but I haven't been outside yet because my mom is too scared that my ring won't work (she doesn't trust father's friend because he once said that he would kill me and my brothers)

I have read about the mysterious girl but I didn't find anything.

My drawings are getting more and more detailed and now I can remember were I saw them. It was in a hallway in a school. The 1st was behind a plant the 2nd was in front of the lockers and the 3rd was beside the door. We all stared at each other in what felt like forever and then I woke up. I do always wake up at the same time in the dream. After I woke up I started to cry and then I walked around in the room (in some sort of trance) and sits down at my table. I took my notebook and began to draw. It's the same drawing every time. When I'm done I'm trying to fall asleep again but as always I can't.

Today was a great day. I whent out for the first time since my ring broke. I read my favourite book (the vampire diaries. It's actually also my mothers favourite book, that's why my brothers and I are called after her favourite characters).

I'm so excited and nervous about the future. I'm going to start at the new school in a week. I'm excited and happy to find new friends and make a lot of friendships, but hopefully they won't discover my secret, that I'm a haunter a nightmare and a child of the night, cause then they will be afraid of me and won't be my friends. But I understand them, because I can kill them whit a snip whit my fingers I could...

Sorry that I end it so bad but I need to get on other thoughts.

XOXO Elena Salvatore

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