Dear diary

Elena is starting on a new school and she's looking forward to it but everyting is not what it looks like.
Elena is balancing on a knife's egg.
She could tell her friends her secret and show Them the monster she is or she could just walk away without telling them.
And the worst thing something bad is comming and it's moving fast towards them.


11. 15th of October

Dear diary

Today was… I would like to call it pretty scary. I nearly killed a werewolf, or like a pupil, on my school.

"i'm so sorry McKenna, I wasn't, I didn't want to kill your brother, it's the evil man, he is controlling me. McKenna please! help me! he's controlling all of you too." I said

She nodded "Can we talk about this later Elena, I need to help my brother, we can make a sleepover at Scarlett's or yours?" I nodded back

Now I am home from school, I got a detention, because of my, yeah you know it! I don't actually wanna talk about it! But I need to find out more about that man, he is very strong, he can control another vampire, and you need to have big strength, to do that! He's really good at hiding too! Or then we would have found him at this time! my mum and dad are out looking for him, so we can see who are enemy is.

Sorry I can write any more, I need to help them, and then I need to get to the sleepover.

Bye for now

XOXO Elena Salvatore

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