My name is Victoria Bo. I am 23 and I've been the same age since the year 1482. I am the last of the Bo family and have enemies almost everywhere in the world. I came to Ohio to start over. I was always the good person, helping others. Until now. There's only so much hurt a person can take before they break.


4. Past Demons

Victoria sat against a tree, looking at the bloodied body that she had fed on. She was practically hyperventilating. Tears ran down her pale cheeks, falling off of her blood smeared jaw. She grabbed her phone from her pocket and dialed the only person she could think of.
"Victoria. I am glad that you called. Have you had a change of heart already?" The mans voice said with a pleased tone.
It took the woman a few moments to answer. "I need your help." She plead.
"Where are you?" The man said. His mood changing drastically.
April 13th, 1515
All she could see was red, the screams of her victims were like music to her ears, causing even more excitement for her.
 She watched as yet another woman crumbled to the ground. Zayne walked in to see a couple dozen men and woman lying lifeless on the ground. "I see you have been busy Victoria. Did you not save any for me?"
"Sorry Zayne." She said as she felt more in control of her actions. "I was a tad hungry."
"Just a tad?" He teased before smiling. "Do not worry. I will have this mess cleaned up within the hour." He snapped his fingers as a tan, brunette woman walked up to him. "
Gabriela. Would you be a doll and get a few other servants to clean this up." He said, looking right into her eyes. It was simple to utilize mind control. He was almost as old as the original council.
"Yes your Majesty." She said before glancing at Victoria and nodding and walking away.
"Why must you do that to her." Victoria asked.
"It is fun? Why else?" He said amused before grabbing a glass of wine and sitting on the couch. Victoria gave him a questioning look. "Alright. If you must know, if I do not, than she would tell everyone and we would be discovered. Do you know what happens next? Bye bye Gabriela. That should be common sense."
"What if she doesn't. What if we make her into one of us?"
"Don't be stupid girl!" He semi shouted. "She would be a weak link. Wouldn't make it past a few months. Now, leave me be. Go kill or something."
"Why did you turn me?"
"Excuse me?" Zayne said as he stood up.
"Why did you not leave me there to die."
"Because Victoria, you are strong! I will need you by my side." He looked around and saw a servant and ran at him, faster than the man could process, then went in front of Victoria. "Now do what you were born to do." He said, sinking his teeth into the mans neck. 
"Stop." Victoria tried.
"This is what you want isn't it? Death? These people are nothing but peasants. We were meant to do this, it is in our nature. Besides, you can not resist this one. He is sweet."
Victoria's eyes turned red before charging at the man with a neck wound. She licked her lips in anticipation. He's right. She thought before sinking her own teeth into his warm flesh.

Victoria shook her head at the memory as strong arms grabbed her arms and got her up. "Vickie? You okay?" Zayne asked, concern laced in his voice. 
"I can't go back to that Zayne. I just can't." She cried.
"It will be aright sweety. Come on, lets get you home. We need to talk." He picked her up bridal style and ran all the way to her house to find it empty. 
Victoria woke up and was surprised to see it was dark out. She rubbed her eyes and dragged herself out of bed to see Zayne sitting on the window seat. "How did you find me?"
"We have a bind remember? You couldn't hide even if you tried."
"Thank you."
"Anytime kiddo. How are you feeling?"
"Like shit."
"Oh come on, I'm sure you feel more alive than ever."
"That's not funny. I promised myself I would never do that again."
"What? Feed? Honey, I had to break this to ya, but it's in our nature."
"Don't fucking say that."
"What? Did I rip off a band aid there."
"You turned me into a monster."
"That isn't true. I turned you into a vampire, but it was you who turned into a monster. I can't blame you though, it's impossible to resist. Although, I highly recommend that you stay away from alcohol because if you handle it the same as blood, well, you would be an alcoholic." He smirked. "Now onto more important things. I know you haven't had human blood in centuries, what happened that made you resort to that?"
This caused nothing but rage to course through Victoria's veins. "My sister you fucking asshole."
"Ah. I take it you two ran into each other."
"She staked me twice and shot my friend, then warned me to get the hell out of town. Why didn't you tell me you turned her and why the hell is she my enemy?"
"That's a long story."
"Please, enlighten me. Because I'm two seconds from ripping your head off."
"Easy there hot shot. I had my reasons." He took a deep breath. "Look I'm not the bad guy here. I couldn't just let your sister die when I could do something about it. And that would've made me feel really shitty considering we were close back then."
"We were never close."
"Don't lie to yourself, you were like my sister. I loved you deeply. You are the one who left me to be 'a better person.' Am I missing something there?"
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because the council got to her and I couldn't be seen by them. I wasn't the most liked vampire."
"What are you really doing here Zayne?"
"I'm here to help you. I already said all of this. You've been running for centuries ever since you and Brea broke the treaty. You are one of the most wanted vampires out there and a lot of hunters are after you. If we kill the council, than all four of us can be free."
"You, me, Brea and my friend."
"And who might they be."
Zayne whistled than out of nowhere a familiar brunette stood next to the taller man. "Gabriela?" Victoria said shocked. 
"Hello." She said as brown eyes met blue.

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