My name is Victoria Bo. I am 23 and I've been the same age since the year 1482. I am the last of the Bo family and have enemies almost everywhere in the world. I came to Ohio to start over. I was always the good person, helping others. Until now. There's only so much hurt a person can take before they break.


5. Ghosts

Victoria stood outside, leaning on the rail that looked out to the lite up city. She checked her phone once again, hoping to get a response from Brea. She had disappeared after the attack and its been two days. Zayne had been out tracking her while Gabriela and herself stayed in the house in case Brea came back. She ran her fingers through her hair before lighting up a cigarette and inhaling. 
"He will find her." A woman's voice said, interrupting Victoria's bad thoughts.
"I know. I just hope it's not too late. If she isn't dead, then she will turn and she has never turned without me there to lock her in the cellar."
"You two seem very close. How long have you known her?" She said, mirroring the raven haired girls position. 
This brought a smile to Vickie's face. "Since 1695. I thought she was beautiful."
August 13th, 1695
"Who else!" A mans voice boomed as another man was being carried out, still knocked out from the large beast like man who beat him to a pulp. Victoria just sat in the back, enjoying the sight. She always loved a good fight.
"I'll do it." A female voice said while walking up to the makeshift stage. 
"A woman!?" The drunk announcer slurred.
"Is there a problem with that?" She said as she put her long black hair up.
"By all means, if you have a death wish." Her opponent said with a sick smile. "I will not go easy on you because of your gender."
"Good. I love breaking a manly man."
Victoria laughed at that and was very glad she could hear everything. Something about this woman was pulling her in, she couldn't tell why. The fight began and she noticed how swiftly the woman moved around each shot the man took. She was not human which caused the blue eyed girl to get a little closer to the fight, softly shoving people out of her way. When she got to the side of the stage, the woman gave a wicked right hook and caused the man to twist his head in Victoria's direction and blood scattered across her face. The scent made her crave grow and her eyes turned red and orange. She tried taking a few deep breathes, trying to stay in control. When she felt normal, she looked up to see the man on the ground and the woman staring at her. 
Victoria quickly made her way to the bar and ordered a couple drinks. Taking a few sips before being joined by the raven haired girl that was a bit taller than herself. "Enjoy the show?" She asked while ordering a drink.
"Maybe a bit too much." She said while facing the gorgeous woman. "My name is Victoria."
"Breanna. It is a pleasure to meet you." It was silent for a moment before Brea broke it. "I saw you. Your eyes when the blood hit your face. I know what you are."
"Is that a threat?" Victoria smirked.
"What? Do you think I have a death wish?"
"You are not human either, are you?"
"Not really no."
"Well then" Victoria said while ordering two shots. "To being different." She said as she held up the shot glass.
"To being different."

"That was the one and only time Brea and I slept together. We had to at least try because there was definitely something there, but we didn't know what it was." Victoria finished her story, looking at the brunette to her right.
"So that something was just being friends? Ouch."
"How have you been Gabriela? It's been a long time."
"I've been staying busy. Gotta keep running ya know?"
"Yeah. I do actually. Why did you let Zayne turn you?"
"When you left, he told me everything. I told him about how you and I were very close friends and he offered me an eternity to get that friendship back."
"Stop that bullshit right now." They both laughed. 
"Alright alright, I was afraid of dying and he needed a partner. It was a win win. However I did miss you. You were the only one who didn't treat me like shit."
"I could never hurt you Gabriela. And I'm sorry that I left, Zayne and I just didn't see eye to eye."
"But you do now?"
"No and we never will, but we have a common enemy and can kill them together. Besides, I can't remember what it feels like to be free. I would give anything to feel again."
"I know what you mean." It was silent as they both looked at the night sky. Gabriela turned to face the raven haired girl, noticing her once blue eyes, turn green. "Maybe we can feel again."
This got Victoria's attention. "How?"
Gabriela closed the space between them and their lips connected. And Gabriela was right, she could feel again. It was like their lips were meant to meet. Victoria's cherry chap stick, mending with Gabriela's honey dew. Little did Gabriela know, that Victoria could feel again too, even for this one little moment. The moment ended as Victoria's phone went off and she answered. "She's turned into a wolf, I'm trying to chase her, find me!"
"I don't know how!" Victoria responded. 
"Use our bond!" That's all Zayne said before the line went dead.
"Shit. We have to go."
They ran to Victoria's garage and got on her purple Dugadi. "You know how to drive one of these?!" Gabriela asked.
"Not really. Hang on."
"Shit." After a ten minute drive going as fast as the bike could without her losing control, they ended up an entrance to the woods. "Next time, I drive."
"Shut up." Victoria said before looking around.
"How are we going to find them?"
"We are connected somehow. I feel his pain and the other way around. I can also tell the general area he's in, just give me a minute. Victoria shut her eyes and took a deep breath in. She hadn't actually done this before because she never wanted to see Zayne again, but this was for Brea. She inhaled the cool night air, the smell of oak and dirt filled her nostrils. She went into the woods a few feet before she could sense him not far ahead. She inhaled once more, this time, smelling blood. "Stay here!" She shouted before running off.
She was deep in the woods and noticed blood on one of the trees. "Zayne? Say something buddy."
"Something." It was low and pained, but she could hear it. She saw a mans figure sitting against a tree. 
"What happened?" She asked while checking his wounds. 

"The bitch knocked me back and I was impaled by this branch."

"She's not a bitch." Victoria said while grabbing the large branch and pulling it out.
He growled in pain. "Technically speaking, she is a female dog."
"Shut up before I kill you myself. Where did she go?"
"Up ahead, be careful and don't do anything stupid. Remember what a wolf bite can do." Victoria nodded before biting her wrist and offering Zayne her blood, which he accepted gratefully. "I'll catch up when I can."
Victoria made her way deeper into the woods. She stopped in her tracks when she almost ran into someone. She made eye contact and almost came to tears. This can't be real, I'm hallucinating. She thought as she starred into the eyes of the woman she swore to love and protect years ago. "Annabelle?" The woman seemed equally surprised. "Is it really you?"
Before the red head could open her mouth, Victoria was brought down by a massive animal. She recognized those eyes anywhere. She grabbed the wolf by its neck and tried to keep its teeth far away from her. "Brea please, I know you're in there. You have to stop!" She shouted, trying to get through to her friend, but to know avail. Victoria was already weakened when she shared blood with Zayne. The large razor like teeth made contact with Victoria's shoulder and bit down, hard. Causing the girl to scream in pain as the wolf shook her like a ragged doll. She couldn't do anything to hurt her friend.
The beast eventually stopped and ran off, whimpering in pain. Victoria couldn't move her body, but saw Annabelle. "You will not remember this. I was never here." She said as she went to one knee. "You will be okay. I promise. We will meet again one day, but not like this." She connected their lips and ran off, leaving the raven haired girl there.
"Find me Zayne. Hurry." She whispered.  

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