Something More // Zayn Malik

"I'm just a fan though," I whispered against his lips, his hot breath fanning my face.

"Not any more." He muttered, backing me up against the wall. "You're so hot baby girl, I want you."

"Zayn," I mumbled as his hands went down to give my bum a squeeze. "Are you sure about this?"

"Fayza I want to fuck you right now against this wall." His lips attached to my neck, sucking and licking.

A moan escaped my lips out of pleasure as my hands went up to his chest.

Just a fan? A fan my ass.


8. Chapter 7

Chapter 7

It was finally summer.

A week since prom with Zayn, and two days ago since I had graduated high school. In less than three months, I would be on my way to San Jose for a university that I'm attending.

For now, I didn't have to worry about college. I only needed to worry about summer and having fun, which was the main thing on my mind at the moment.

I was currently at the airport, boarding my plane. Alecia and my parents had drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes just a few minutes ago. Was I sad that I was leaving San Francisco for the whole summer?

Hell no, I was excited. I couldn't wait to land at LA. It was going to be the best summer and I could already feel it.

I was going to meet up with my two best friends, Noura and Mya. I use to live in Los Angeles, but since I had moved to San Francisco two years ago, I have not seen my old best friends in ages. The last time I saw them was this morning on FaceTime, and I just wanted to land at LA so I can see their faces in real life again.

After I gave my ticket to the lady at the front, I boarded my plane and looked for my seat. Luckily, I had the window seat.

As soon as I sat down, excitement took over me. I was going to LA, fuck yes!

It shocked me that my parents were letting me go alone. Yes, I was nineteen years old but my parents were still strict on what I did. The fact that they're letting me go is a miracle.

I couldn't be happier. I met Zayn a week ago and now I'm going to have the best summer ever. Thank God. Nothing could be better than this.

I took out my phone and started scrolling through social media. Articles with the headlines, 'Zayn Malik takes a fan to prom' was all over my feed.

This morning, I had discovered that the world found out that Zayn took me to prom. I freaked out that I was all over social media accounts. Pictures and videos of us at prom were everywhere on the Internet, making me guess that students who were there took it and posted it online.

It's scary how the media found out, they even found my social media accounts. My Twitter and Instagram were blowing up with notifications. It was crazy, and obviously scary.

I put my phone away and grew even more excited as soon as the plane started to take off.

I couldn't wait, I was nearly bouncing up and down my seat.


An hour and thirty-five minutes, it took exactly that long for my flight to land to LA from San Francisco.

I quickly push past people on the plane, making me almost trip over an old woman's cane. I mumbled a 'sorry' and continued my way.

I went through all that shit, like baggage claim and crowds of people who kept on bumping into me. The airport was crowded like crazy today.

After I had two suitcases in each of my hands and a carry on over my shoulder, my eyes scanned the people around me. I walked around while I tried to find the two familiar girls. I dragged my suitcases along, and stopped until I found a familiar girl.

"Noura!" My eyes widen at the brunette girl standing a few feet away from me. Her head snaps around, her mouth widening. I drop all of my bags on the floor and run over to the girl, attacking her in a huge hug and nearly making us fall on the floor.

"Fayza I missed you so much!" She exclaimed after she pulled away from the hug. "Your face!" Her eyes widen as she pinches my cheeks. "You grew hotter!"

I laughed. "Where's Mya?" Right when I asked, a redhead attacked me in a hug and sent us down on the floor. I groaned in pain but hugged my best friend who was currently on top of me. "Yup, that's you Mya."

A giggle escaped her lips as she got off of me. "Sorry, I couldn't help myself." She reached her hand out and I grabbed it, helping me up. "I missed you so fucking much!" She squeezed me in another hug.

"Guys, I can't believe I'm here!" I yell once Mya and I pulled away from our hug.

"I know!" Noura said. "Let's go, you must be hungry!" She grabbed one of my suitcases and started to lead the way while Mya grabbed my other suitcase.

I had brought so many clothes, those bags must be heavy.

I kept my carry on over my shoulder and I walked in the middle between Noura and Mya.

"Where we going?" I ask, my excitement clearly showing.

"Let's get you settled in the apartment first." Noura states. I nod in agreement.

"Then we can go out to eat, oh and to the pool since it's so hot!" Mya adds on. "We have so much stuff to do this summer, but first we need to catch up."

"Yeah," Noura turns to smirk at me. "You and Zayn Malik?"

I grin, "I have so much to tell you."

Summer was going to be amazing with these two.

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