The Cabin

A group of friends decide to use one of their aunts cabins to escape the real world, but it wasn't what they expected.


2. 2

They had been driving for what seemed like the entire day, but when Spencer looked at her large phone screen, she was surprised to see it was only four in the afternoon. "I don't want to be the annoying one to say this, but are we there yet?"

"Yeah, seriously." Victor chimed in. "It's a big RV, but I wanted to start the grill before the sun goes down."

"It's just a few more minutes up this hill." Cara said as she smiled at Nick who was driving.

Spencer noticed Asha going to the back to where the bed was and decided to follow her. She managed to get there without falling, even though the RV was going all of the place and she shut the curtain. "Ash?"

The brunette put on a new t shirt with Xena's face on it before turning around. "What's up?"

Spencer chuckled a bit. "I need to tell you something." She motioned for them to sit on the foot of the bed. "So, I've been thinking-"

"The last time you started your sentence off with that, we ended up in a bar fight and were behind bars for two days."

"This is nothing like that, I promise." Asha gave her a nod of approval to continue. "So we are all coming out to the middle of nowhere kind of like a last Howrah for awhile right?"

"Yeah, everyone is moving on. We're getting old Spenc."

"Okay, whoa. I am a year older than you which means I would be old before you. And I'm not old. We are only twenty six."

"You're twenty eight Spencer."

"That's beside the point, look we are getting so off topic that it almost hurts. I came to talk to you because I think you are right. About the whole California thing. I made a few phone calls and my buddy Andi said she could get me a job at her tattoo parlor."

"Are you being for real?"

"Yeah, I told you last night, I'd follow you anywhere. Besides, Nick and Cara want to start a family and move to Saint Charles. Victor and Jazmine want to travel for a few years."

"What about your family?"

"I can always visit them anytime."

"Are we really gonna do this?"

"I think we should start looking for places when we get home on Monday."

The brunette cupped the blondes face and their lips met. For the first time in awhile, it was passionate, like nothing else mattered besides here and now. They were interrupted when the RV came to a hard stop. "Warn a girl!" Spencer shouted. 

"I couldn't help myself." Nick laughed.

They all grabbed their bags and got out of the vehicle, all of them apart from Cara were in awe at what they saw. It was a two story house with a brick outline that served as a fence all the way around the home. Cara unlocked and opened the door, looking behind at all her friends gawking at the house. "Are you guys coming in or am I gonna eat by myself tonight?" 

They shook their heads and all started to pile in. Spencer was the last one in and felt at home. It was so welcoming and inviting. The air conditioning sent chills through her entire body as in contradicted the warmth from the outside air. "Pools in the back. Ya'll can choose which ever room you want. There's like six of them." Cara said as she went to her own that was by the kitchen that was like the rest of the cabin, immaculate. 

"Dibs on the one with the balcony!" Asha shouted as she left her suitcase and ran up the stairs.

"I'm gonna get the grill ready, I think Cara mentioned a pool outside so come prepared or your getting your clothes wet." Nick teased as him and Victor got set up.

Spencer went to the living room and noticed the TV was already on as a cartoon was on that she didn't really recognize. She saw something move in the front yard from the corner of her eye. She looked through the large window to find nothing. Weird. She thought. 

"Spenc! Come on! The pool feels amazing!" Jazmine shouted.

After putting everything away, everyone gathered around the pool and enjoyed their first night out their together. It was close to midnight and everyone in the house was sleeping, except for Cara who was on the couch, slowly dozing off to a show she had never seen. No one heard it, but a small shattering noise echoed through the garage as a beastly man opened the door, leaving it open for the others behind him. He made it too the living room and stood behind the couch, watching Cara sleep. Another mysterious figure showed up as the first one nodded and they quietly planned for the night ahead of them.

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