Tinder Match

A girl who has been through a lot meets a guy who she falls for, but circumstances tear them apart and her life starts crumbling.

Honestly I suck at writing what the story is about, why don't you just read it? Haha. Enjoy! <3 -Melody


2. Tinder

Chapter Two


I open my eyes and stare at the ceiling, I look around to take in my surroundings, the tv still going, sun going down, the room getting dark. I check my phone 6:28pm. I must have fallen asleep I thought to myself. I get up from the sofa and walk around the house, my mom was nowhere to be found, she probably went to a friends house, and my dad still at work. I check my phone again to check my social media, I finally go on Tinder it had a "1" beside the app which meant I must have gotten a new match or a new message. I check my messages and realize it's from Bryson, a little smile appears on my face.

Sent 4 hours ago:

Clare: Hey :)

Bryson: Hey 

I think about what I should say back, a pickup line maybe, but I wasn't that type of person so I just went with the usual "what's up".

Clare: What's up?

He replies back in an instant.

Bryson: Nothing much, what about you cutie?

Clare: Haha just woke up from a nap.

Bryson: Someone is being lazy.

Clare: Not me! :P

Bryson: Especially you. But it's all good because I'm just as lazy, loser.

Clare: No, you're a loser haha.

My smile gets even bigger, he was funny and something about him made me excited yet nervous. A few minutes pass and he doesn't text back. My mind starts racing with thoughts, what if I was too harsh? No, couldn't of been. He called me a loser first. What if he decided he didn't want me? It wouldn't be the first time someone decided they didn't want me. I overthink things, everything and anything. It was a blessing and a curse.

I decided to call my dad to see what time he would get home from work. My dad and I have always been close, sometimes whenever I would get depressed he would be my only friend. I could never talk about things that bothered me towards my mom, she wouldn't understand and would try to find a way to make it my fault.

Clare: "Hey dad? When are you coming home?"

Dad: "I'm on the way home now, where's your mom?"

Clare: "I don't know, out with friends I guess."

Dad: "As usual.."

Clare: "Bye dad, I love you."

Dad: "Bye hun, love you too."

I hang up and go back on Tinder, Bryson had messaged me back.

Bryson: I'm cooler than you

I giggle at the words.

Clare: I doubt it haha. Where are you from?

Bryson: Rutherfordton, Nc what about you?

Clare: Bessemer City, Nc. Do you play any sports?

Bryson: I play sports, I don't play for a team though. What about you?

Clare: Basketball and dancing, if you count that as a sport.

Bryson: Basketball is my favorite sport to play, and yes dancing is a sport haha.

Clare: I can beat you at it.

While I waited for him to reply back I went on my maps app to see how far I was from him. I typed in Bessemer City to Rutherfordton, it loaded the directions and roads. An hour. We were only an hour away from each other. I see headlights appear and look up, it was my dad pulling in the driveway.

Bryson: No I'll beat you. I'm 6'2".

Clare: Haha! I'm 5'2" :P Hey I have to go, I'll text you back later.

I throw my phone across the room and it landed on the sofa. I was happy and in a bubbly mood for once. It could not have been because of Bryson, we just started talking. Was it...? I snap out of my thoughts and meet my dad at the door.

"Hey dad! How was work??" 

He looks at me and smiles "You seem to be in a good mood, and work was fine."

I laugh. "Nah, just glad that testing is over. Just one more week of school until summer. Would you like some dinner?" I head to the kitchen to see if mom cooked anything for dinner before she left.

"Yeah that would be great." He removes his shoes soon following behind me. He checks the fridge. "So lately I've been thinking.. Your mom is always out, and we hardly communicate anymore.. I've been thinking about divorcing your mom.."

I froze, my heartbeats faster. I turn around to look at him. "Divorce...?"


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