Survivors ➳ Irwin

"we are survivors of the wild."

in which Meghan falls in love with her best friend while putting the pieces of her broken heart back together


1. summary.

Ashton Iwrin and Meghan Harwood have known each other their whole lives. The pair had been inseparable since they were in primary school, but not once in their friendship did they ever think that they would fall in love. They would have said it was too cliche. After Meghan's boyfriend of two years breaks her heart, Ashton steps in to help her through it. The more Meghan gets over Sam, the more she realizes how she really feels about Ashton. But when Ashton's band is asked to open for One Direction during their 'Take Me Home' tour, he and Meghan have to not only deal with the distance, but their escalating relationship as well. Will the two survive all of their ups and downs, or will they fallout due to a feeble relationship?

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