Rich Reina $ Hood

when rich girl Reina Rhodes denies the Sex God and Football Captain Calum Hood.


8. $7


reina's p.o.v


tonight was the night of the party, the party where calum is my date. so knowing the arrogant claim he is, he'll probably attempt to dress, air quotes. 'sexy', trying to make him irresistible to all girls and making them swoon over him but only him making him reject them giving off the impression he only has eyes for me. as if. the kid even likes me for me and he's just doing it to look cool. 

idiot will think i would fall for something like that, i'm not dumb. i'm apart of honour roll buddy what do you expect? 

i cannot associate myself with someone like him, he's a complete asshole that also happens to be a fuckboy. he thinks every girl will swoon over his award winning smile, when he smiles by his eyes crinkles start to appear and his tanned skin that's just naturally like that with his tattoos inked onto his skin making him even more attractive. his pink plump lips, that are oh so kissable and his raven coloured curls that i would love to run my fingers through all day. let's not mention his body oh my go- i'm taken out of my train of thoughts as my phone vibrates, i walk over to see a text from ashton.

smash n' dash: hehe are u ready for tonight with calum

me: dont even remind me

me: i wanna shoot myself rn

me: ugh why did i even agree to do this again

smash n' dash: bc u wanted to give the lad a chance 

me: well i take it back now

me: i dont even have anything to wear

smash n' dash: lol we all know u have a walk in closet full of ur precious clothes so just wear something sexy for him so he can show u off like he always wanted to do

me: fuck off aiight? 

me: he aint showing me off n suck a cock im not dressing sexy for that dipshit

smash n' dash: well u are tonight cuz he's driving over to ur house now

smash n' dash: he said he'll be there in 5 so get ur ass ready and look decent for once

read at 8:54pm

i see that ashton has read my text and chose not to respond so i have to get dressed, i realized that i was walking around my room in nothing but some black skinny jeans and a black bra. i quickly grab a random black top and slipping it onto my body, i look into the mirror seeing its a black cross crop bralette. i looked decent and definitely not sexy because i threw on whatever, i head over to the bathroom to brush my teeth making sure to scrumb good so i have some white ass teeth. i pull out my trusty mascara and eyeliner, i apply a winged tip and a decent amount of mascara. i take my hair out of the bun it was and reconstruct it into a high ponytail, make it somewhat sleek and messy at the same time, i put in diamond studs in my ear piercings.

i check myself in the mirror and i look pretty good considering i put anything on, all i'm missing is some shoes. again i got to my closet and i pull out a pair of white nike huaraches. 

as i grab my phone to head downstairs i hear the doorbell ring, i roll my eyes because i am dreading this but ya know, maybe i should give the guy a chance? i open the large door to see him standing there wearing black skinny jeans, an army green long sleeve shirt; which i gotta say army green does compliment calum's skin well. wait, what? no. stop thinking about that, please reina just no. dont fall for the douchebag look. but calum sports it so well though, well he really makes it seem like he invented the style. "reina? you okay?" calum asks as he waves a hand in front of my face, i snap out of my thoughts "uh-yeah, sorry i was just remembering to give hunter a treat." i say making up an excuse quickly, "hunter your dog? i saw some of the pictures you posted on instagram of him and he's the cutest, do you mind if i can meet him?" he asks getting all excited to see a dog when most guys dont even care, i smile opening the door wider.

"yeah of course, come on in." he smiles shyly and steps in looking around the house in awe, i just laugh because this is everyone's reactions every time they step into my house "massive?" i ask indicating for him to follow me he does but in response all he can do it nod "well it's a little too massive if you ask me." i say awkwardly because i shouldn't have said that making me seem like a spoiled brat that doesn't appreciate what i have even though i do and everything, but some people have taken it the wrong way. "not-not that im ungrateful or an-" i'm cut off by calum chuckling "reina dont sweat it, i get it. this house is really big just for 3 people and considering 2 of them are mostly out and never home, so really it is very big for one person and a dog." he takes the words right out of my mouth but how does he know this? did ash, mikey and luke tell them about that or is he just some creepy stalker? "thanks for understand-" as i was about to finish my sentence, my german shorthaired pointer comes trotting around the corner.

at first he stops in front me protecting me he turns around to check with me first and i release my fist turning into an open palm then i snap my fingers, something i had a lot of time to teach him meaning "it's all good". hunter quickly understands and goes to greet calum, calum looks impressed as he bends down lower to pat my companion. "wow, smart dog, you snapped your fingers and he immediately knew to stop protecting you. how did you teach him that?" he says and he's scratching hunter behind his ear which he is loving right now, i chuckle a little at how he seems so impressed but really anyone can teach a canine that. "well i got hunter around a year ago, i took a quite of bit of time training himself to really feel a connection rather then sending him to obedience school and here we are now." when calum stands up from kneeling because he was patting hunter he puts his arm out for me "shall we go?" i take his arm making sure i have my phone and i pat hunter on the head handing him a treat then locking the door behind me.

this is gonna be an eventful night, thats for sure.


this was so long over due but it was so suckey i hate it but oh well..

ig: patricemedwards

twitter: tmichaedwards



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