Rich Reina $ Hood

when rich girl Reina Rhodes denies the Sex God and Football Captain Calum Hood.


7. $6



tonight was the night of the party and to be completely honest. i was super nervous. i, calum hood is never afraid for parties. in fact. i live for them. but why is this time so different?

oh right! because reina would be there. nah, not as my date. but as someone who can tolerate me now in the public eye, i had to prove that to her and i made a deal with her. so i have to stick to my deal to get my reward at the end of the deal. a date with reina rhodes. the girl i have been crushing over ever since we were all in the exchange student program back in elementary school, her coming from canada and us from australia. ah, when we were children running around. not having a care in the world. when life was simple. when reina actually liked me, maybe even more than a friend.


as we were running around reina's never to end garden playing hide and go seek with the guys, michael being chosen to find us all. reina pulls on my arm and she dashes to a direction i am not familiar with. well her garden is so big that i can't remember anything because of the many pathways into different directions. as we giggle along this path she stops randomly at this big weeping willow. she sits down underneath it guiding for me to do the same, as i do i realize that this is the tree she always talks about. whether it be about thinking, drawing or simply to sit and read more interest facts. practically practising to become a prodigy. and me being the idiot i am ask her if this is the tree, she starts giggling uncontrollably "of course this is the tree calum, you silly! what else would it be?" as she continues giggling at my dumb question, my cheeks become redder than my t-shirt. she's slowly stopping giggling she says reassures me that the question made her smile and that it wasn't dumb in her perspective. as we waited for the others to find us, we talked and talked about so many different things. her input on so many different things she's passionate about. as we waited longer and longer she decided that we should walk over to her horses. she raced me there and of course she won, to help my pride i would say to let her win but she's just way faster than me. as we entered the stables her dog, not just a small dog but her big dog. riley came in to great us, waving his tail. reina's face became immediately happier but soon it became a frown and it made me stop smiling too. "reina why aren't you happy to see riley like you usually are?" she turns to look at me with sadness in her eyes, she looks around im assuming make sure no one is around to hear. "dont tell any of the guys but riley is gonna die in a month. you're the only person besides my parents and me that know. calum promise me you won't tell anyone, please promise me." she says looking sad and quite serious, i hold out my pinky for her to grab with her own pinky. "i promise that i won't tell a living soul." but i knew at that exact moment that she has many trust issues and to really confide in you then you have to show she can, but if you take advantage of that. whenever she'd be smiling then she sees or hears something that is connected to what made her sad then her whole mood alters.

i would never wanna do that to reina ever again, i realized as i changed and became this douchebag i took her trust and chucked it in the garbage. she lost a best friend but the only reason why i distanced myself from her was in hope of stop loving her but it just won't work. especially since she's so involved in the school, she's literally the most popular girl in school. everyone talks about her latest instagram post or what she's wearing. also the fact that she's the female mvp in the whole school and the one of the smartest in the school. she's just everywhere i go, i turn my head i either people talking about her or just see her. its hard to stop loving someone when you're constantly getting suffocated by them. 

i learned many lessons from her, but one that stuck to me the most is. you never realize your feelings for someone when you're never with them and that you never appreciate something until its gone.

both of those things happened with reina and i'll never forget it. because how can you forget someone like reina? well i sure as hell can't.


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