Rich Reina $ Hood

when rich girl Reina Rhodes denies the Sex God and Football Captain Calum Hood.


4. $3



just the fact that Ashton made me agree to go with captain fuckboy was enough, but now knowing that he ditched me when he's 'oh so has the biggest crush on me' to go with Amber doesn't make sense. but i don't mind at all. that means i don't have to go to the party with Calum at all. 

i turn back around to luke "hey you wanna go to the party with me?" i ask him a little loud so calum can hear. luke turns his head smirking "i would love too!" he exclaims and hugging me. he puts on a show knowing it'll be fun to play with calm's emotions. i hug him back, my mouth near his ear "thanks dude, i seriously owe you." we separate from the hug, i turn around putting on the biggest smile facing ash. "ash guess what!" "what!" he replies back with the same level in voice mocking me. 

"i'm going to tonight's party with luke!" i beam smirking in calum's direction, seeing his face shocked and quite pissed made me smirk more than before. "that's great but i thought you we're going to the party with ca-"he was about to finish his sentence but ms.smith walks through the door dismissing the talking in the classroom. i turn back around facing the front. 

i nudge luke on the arm "make sure you wear something that makes you look incredibly sexy." i whisper in his ear, i hear him lowly chuckle. "mr.hemmings and ms.rhodes is there something that you'd like to share with the class?" her voice interrupts luke and i's laughter. everyone's eyes on us, luke chuckles nervously looking my way. 

i smirk "well ms.smith you see at mr.jacobsen's over there is having a rather large get together tonight considering it's friday, so luke and i are going together. and i told him to look sexy tonight because it'll give him a 100% guarantee of leaving with a girl that isn't me and plus he's already handsome enough so why not be even more handsome then he already is." 

i pause to see her reaction, seeing that she didn't have anything to say i continue "so there you go ms.smith luke and i were laughing was because we both thought that he couldn't get anymore handsome then this." i say touching luke's biceps squeezing it a little, the whole class erupts into little fits of laughter. "ms.rhodes do you want to get sent to the office?" she snaps back, everyone falls silent.

"go ahead ms.smith i won't mind because you don't have a reason to." i say, she looks taken back to what i just said. i can feel luke nudge my arm "lay off reina c'mon." he whispers, i just shake him off. "well ms.rhodes why don't i have a reason?" ms.smith asks back challenging me by crossing her arms. "because you asked luke and i if we wanted to share something with the class, and i thought that everyone and you ms.smith would like to know since you stopped the lesson and asked us this question. so it seemed as if you really wanted to know." i reply giving her a smile, people laughing around. she sighs i defeat as the bell rings.

i put my notebook and biology book back in my bag slinging it over my shoulder, some people talk to me saying various "good job telling off ms.smith" or "thanks for giving us half a lesson!" i smile and nod. luke walks up next to me "you really know how to make someone shut up." he laughs stringing his arm across my shoulders walking us to my locker. 


as i was done at my locker getting ready to walk over to luke's, i hear my name being called i turn around putting on a smile. but seeng that it's that dumbfuck calum my smile falters to a frown, showing him that i don't like him even if he didn't say anything. "what do you want hood?" i ask already done with this conversation, he stands a few feet away from me trying to regain his normal breaths. 

"i was just gonna say if you're still up for the party tonight?" he asks smiling at me, i give him a pure look of disgust "really? if i'm still willing to go to the party with you? ha! go with your little girlfriend hood." his smile fades quickly "look I'm not going to the party with amber." he says stepping closer to me as i take a step back, wanting to be as far away as possible. 

"you had your chance hood." i say walking off to luke's locker.


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