Jason the Toy Maker

A lesson you should reamber is always play with your toys. Or one day they might get you....


12. New House

I sat alone in the back of my car. Mommy and Daddy where to busy yelling in the front of the car. I sighed and looked out the window watching the trees pass by outside. 'Please send me a friend...' I thought looking out my window. Pulling my long sleeves that hide all my bruises that daddy gave me down more. "I can't take this any longer!!!" My mm yelled and stormed out of the car when we reached the house. I sat their looking down as my dad came out angry and slapped my mom from yelling at him. They went inside yelling again and I waited an extra 10 seconds before leaving the car and going up stairs to pick my room. I over heard a mover talking to his partner from the window one of the rooms window. "Did you hear about the last family that lived here?" He asked as his partner shook his head. I walked into a room that looked like it used to be a boys with a bunny that was red and brown sitting on the bed.

"No what happened to them." The mover looked around to see if any one was listing so I ducked down and hide as I listened. "The family that lived here had a foster boy named Alex. The kid had been from house to house poor family didn't know they had just let a killer into their family. He killed them and jumped out a window taking his own life but none of their bodies where ever found. Some people say that he didn't kill them but they did see another person in the house that night that killed them all and took Alex. silly right?" He laughed and went back to moving. I looked around the room and found that I liked it a lot.

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