Jason the Toy Maker

A lesson you should reamber is always play with your toys. Or one day they might get you....


6. New Doll

"Are you sure it wasn't just a dream you had?" Daisy looked at me with unsure look in her eyes but still their was that sparkle in her eyes as well that told me she believed what I had said happened was true. I thought about this and emotional drive to believe it was real started to waver a bit. "You know maybe your right...about it all just being a dream I had." I said with a little laugh as I scratched the back of my head unsure. She shrugged it off and smiled. "Do you mind if I check out your room?" I shook my head as I heard my name being called. "No not all ill be right back though my mom's calling me." She nodded and I headed down stairs. "Yeah mom did you need me?" I asked walking over to her. "Yes, thesis are for you and Daisy to share up stairs." She said as she handed me a plate of hot freshly made cookies. They smelled so good I couldn't wait to try  some "Thanks mom!" I said and headed up stairs eager to take a bite out of one.

I never did get to though because I heard a scream come from my room. With out thinking I dropped the plate and ran as fast as I could to my room. "Daisy!" I screamed and ran into my room but their was no one their just a glass doll that layed in the middle of my floor. I walked over to the doll to get a better look but before I could my mom called my name again and this time she sounded very angry with me. I didn't under stand why at first until I remembered the plate I broke.

Running out of my room I saw my mom standing behind the broken plate as she picked up the broken glass. "What are you doing!" I didn't know how to explain this or what to tell her. "I heard a scream come from my room!" I shouted as the adrenaline  started to pump through my vain and my heart was racing. "I think Daisy is hurt but I don't know where she is now!" I went on as my mom shook her head. "Alex their is no Daisy!" She yelled at me and I was on the verge of tears now. "Yes their is shes in my room some where." I said an grabbed her hand and dragged her to my room hoping to see Daisy standing their. Instead I was just greeted by an empty room and a doll.

"I don't see any one Alex." She looked at the doll of the floor and picked it up and placed it on one of my shelf's. "Alex you need to take better care of your toys. Dinner will be ready in a bit so clean up." She said and walked back down stairs. I fell to my knees not under standing what was happening. "The Doll!!!!" I screamed and ran to the shelf where my mom had placed it. Taking a closer look I screamed and dropped it on the floor backing up to get away form it. Their was nothing but pure horror on my face now. It wasn't a doll that I had dropped on the floor. It was.....Daisy.....

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