Jason the Toy Maker

A lesson you should reamber is always play with your toys. Or one day they might get you....


10. Murder

"I wouldn't do that if I was you Kiddo." he said shaking his head but I ignored him still screaming and crying hoping that someone would save me. Then my dad burst in through the door knocking the door to go flying off its hinges. It landed on the floor with a loud bang and I got up and sprinted over to my mom and dad tears streaming down my face as I hugged them tight. "Daddy!" I said in tears as he picked me up as if I was still a little kid and passed me to my mom. She hugged me close kissing me like crazy and smoothing my hair down as she backed up the door with me sobbing in her arms. My dad scanned the room for something to hit Jason with his eyes landing on a wooden rocking chair not to far form where my dad stood. In a quick swoop he picked the chair up and smashed it on Jason's head. Their was aloud cracking noise but it was only the chair as Jason laughed and a piece of wood went flying past my dads face cutting his cheek a bit.

Some blood ran down my dad's now pale face. "Run!!!" My dad screamed at mom who was sobbing now. He turned to face us but Jason just wouldn't have it. "You've made me very mad now." His eyes turned a bright glowing green color as he took out a key you would use for a wind up toy. "Daddy I think it's about time you wind down!" he let out a demonic laugh and stuck the key into my dads back making him scream out in pain as Jason started to turn the key. All I heard was the sound of his bones crushing under the key. My mom screamed making Jason's turn his attention to me and my mom. She put me down and pushed me behind me trying to keep me safe.

Jason got more angry not liking what my mom was doing. "Why does everyone want to keep us apart!!!!"  he reached out and grabbed my moms arm snapping it like it was a twig. She screamed out in pain and I wanted to run to her side. "Mom!!!" I screamed and she looked at me tears in her eyes. "No! Alex run away now!!!" I nodded tears in my eyes and I started to run away. He laughed making a toy knife in thin air he sliced her open in half as I watched in horror. My legs were frozen in fear now as he smiled at me. "Looks like your mom had to split." He laughed at his bad joke and bent down eating my mom.

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