Jason the Toy Maker

A lesson you should reamber is always play with your toys. Or one day they might get you....


9. Dmonic angel

I tried to scream for my parents but was unable to get anything out. He let out a bone chilling laugh. "What's wrong Alex? Cat got your tongue?" He held up the neighbors cat and snapped its neck with a smile and laugh as if it was no big deal. I felt like I might throw up now at the sight. Jason stood their cackling up as piles of dead bodies showed up in my room and my floor was covered in blood. I threw up now and let a blood curling scream for my parents. "MOM! DAD! HELP ME!" I screamed as loud as I could hoping that they would come up stairs and soon. Not to long after my mom answered my scream. "Honey! Are you okay?"  She called up sitars making Jason laugh more as if this all was just a joke to him.

"Mom please get dad and come up stairs im in danger!" I screamed and listened hoping to hear my mom coming to get my dad but it just sounded like she shrugged me off and walked away. I started to think that I was a dead man and started to think about my life and how good it had been. "Oh Alex if only you would learn that you don't need any one else when you have me! I'm your only friend Alex!" Jason said again but I didn't look at him. I just hugged my knees close to my chest and rocked as I silently cried waiting for the end to come but it didn't come...yet....

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