"Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process, he does not become a monster. And if you stare long enough into the abyss, the abyss will stare back at you" ~Anonymous © 2016 All Rights Reserved Alexarinda


3. O N E





   I woke to an annoying buzzer ,buzzing my dreams into thoughts, before they disappeared completely. I slammed my hand into the small metal alarm clock, before laying on my back and just stared at the ceiling, sighing.


  "Why Thursday? Can't you just leave?" i mumbled, my words soon fading into silence. I slowly lifted my legs to the edge of the bed, sliding onto the cold floor. I shivered at the cool air going over my skin,taunting me that it was yet another torturous morning. I walked to the bathroom, running my hands over my arms to create heat in the process. I grabbed my toothbrush from a small rack to my right, before i reached up and flicked the light switch on. i looked in the mirror, seeing myself. The tedious process of mornings always seemed to bore me, and don't get me wrong i don't hate mornings, i just seriously dislike having to touch the cold air, and face the harsh world, with its words. i rubbed my tired eyes, before i squeezed the toothpaste onto the small toothbrush. 


*Beep* *Beep*


  I looked to my small Nokia phone as it buzzed with never ending texts from my best friend; Delilah.


 "Wanna go for a party tonight? You haven't went to one since you and Dylar broke up"


  I thought about it for a second before deciding it was my best option, might as well, after Dylar.


  "ok, be at my house at 7:15pm sharp?" i texted back




  Once i had finished brushing my teeth, as well as my hair, i moved to makeup. I wasn't really all that comfortable with my face, so i always wore a full face of makeup. I started with my foundation, applying a light/pale shade to my face, before i applied my concealer and my mascara. 




  English was my first class, and as soon as i walked through the door i groaned, laying my head on my desk near the back. Our school, Acadia Secondary School,  was fairly new with a high reputation, and i mean their strict as hell.


  "Kaile Chorazin Elmer!" The teacher boomed and my head immediately shot up, sitting with a perfect posture.


  "Yes Mr. Badeau?" I ask as politely as i can muster, considering i'm slightly pissed now.


  "Correct yourself young lady." He said his voice stern.


  I just slightly nodded, not really sure if i should speak.


  "What what that Miss.Kaile?" He asked slightly frightening me, as i thought he was done speaking to me.


  "Y-Yes Mr. Badeau." I muster, not really trusting my voice.


  He nodded, pleased with the fact i complied, before handing out the work sheet we had been assigned.


  "Write a paragraph on your future, considering you may -or may not- be graduating in two years" He stated, smiling a small smile.


  I sat quietly writing my small paragraph, realizing i only had two more years until i graduate into collage or university, considering i pass every class with A's and B's.


  My future is something I haven't fully thought about, but i know i would love to be a Teacher. Children have always been one of my soft points, and I can't even begin to imagine that some children lower than us, don't have an education. They-


   All of a sudden, the bell rang snapping me out of my thoughts. I stood, grabbing my bag, and slung it over my shoulder, rushing to my locker- that was thankfully, not too far from my classes. Grabbing my books for my next class i turn on my heel and head down the long hall to Maths.




  Lipgloss. Mascara. Eyeliner. Good, makeup was done.


  "I'm out now- be there in 5"  Delilah Texted me


  "Kay, i'll be ready" I texted back


  I Threw my skin-tight black dress, its flowery at the bottom, with a heart cutout up top. i heard her car horn go off, so i climbed down the tall stairs.


  "Have Fun Honey" My mother called.


  "Mhm" I mumbled back, before leaving and getting into the car.

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