Half of Me Part of You

Alyssa Stevens is a 21 year old ex drug addict. She's been sober for several months and is still going steady. When Alyssa meets Luke, the charming, straightforward heartbreaker, her world turns upside down. And maybe not for the better. It seems there really getting along, until Alyssa finds out his darkest secret. Can Luke help Alyssa in time, or will he lose her for good, that shell never come back to him once she's gone?


1. Life is a bitch

Alyssa closed her eyes lightly as the customer complained about not having the right brand of toilet paper in stock. Her irribility level raising to an all new high.

"Listen, ma'am. If you don't like our brands there's always k-mart down the road." she snapped.

"No need to be rude. Im just suggesting you order extra quilted." the customer pouted.

"Yeah well we don't, so deal." She took the generic brand toilet paper and swiped it across the check out.

"That's $7.50." She said flatly, and dramatically stuck out her hand.

The customer dug through their purse and  opened up their wallet.

"Oh. Crap. I only have a five and some ones. Could you possibly give me the change back in pennys? My granddaughter likes to drop them down the hole at the mall." the customer gave her a sweet smile meaning they meant it.

So there she stood for about five minutes counting fifty pennies for the customer. 

Fuck you life. You're a bitch. Alyssa thought.

Alyssa handed the customer all their things and sighed with relief. The store was completely empty and she had a half hour before her shift ended. She played across the counter with her eyes closed practically falling asleep, when the door opened.

Great. She thought.

"Okay. I dunno if they're going to have frue'y pebbles. It is a pri'y small convenient store." somebody said. Their Irish accent piquing Alyssa's interest.

"Hello? Do you need help with anything?" she sat up as the person rounded the corner.

"Ello, love. Me bu'ey 'ere wants to know if you got any frue'y pebbles and or cocoa pebbles." the boy asked.

"Um... I believe they're in the cereal aisle. I get them here all the time." Alyssa smiled.

"Nonono. You don't 'have to come een. I got it." the boy said quickly. He let out a groan a second later and jabbed his phone with his index finger.

"You okay?" Alyssa asked.

The boy completely ignored Alyssa and started passing around until the door bell rang and in came the hottest guy I had ever seen.

"Excuse me? Do you mind taking me to the cereal aisle? Guyer, head to the car, yore really passing me off today." the guy looked to the Irish dude and he stomped out the door.

"Sorry about my friend. He's not very good at communication." the guy snickered.

"That's okay. Not many people are." Alyssa sighed. Unaware of the guy staring at her.

"So what's your favorite kind of cereal?" the guy asked, smiling.

"Mm... Either the pebbles clan, or captain crunch." she debated the two in her head.

They walked down the cereal aisle and Alyssa stopped right in front of three long lines of pebbles: Fruity pebbles, cocoa pebbles, and fruity dino bites.

"Mm. Tough choice. What do you prefer?" he asked her.

Alyssa always got excited when talking about her favorite things and her favorite things to do. She never knows why though.

"Sometimes when I can't decide whatever I want, I get both and then mix them together to get two times the deliciousness." Alyssa smiled.

"Awe. Great idea. Ill get both!" the guy cheered.

She swiped his two boxes of cereal and waited for his receipt to print.

"So you're from Australia?" she asked, trying to pass the time.

"Um... Yeah. Im Luke Hemmings." he said proudly.

"Im Alyssa Stevens. Pleasure meeting you." she ripped off his receipt and folded it into his bag.

She has no clue as to who i am?? Luke thought with excitement.

"Hello? Earth to Luke? Here's your bag." Alyssa chuckled holding up the light blue grocery bag.

"Oh! Sorry. Thank you." Luke started to walk away but turned around at the door.

"Alyssa?" he called out.

"Mm?" Alyssa looked up at him.

"Nothing." Luke headed to his car where his friend, carter sat in the passenger side.

Alyssa got ready to close down the store. She shut off all the lights and noticed headlights still in the parking lot. She smiled to herself, knowing that that's likes car, somehow.

Alyssa unlocked her itty-bitty house and put her coat on the chair in the living-room. She let out a groan and dramatically stomped into her bedroom. She plopped on the bed and closed her eyes, falling asleep within minutes.

Alyssa woke up to her alarm clock that was set for 5:00. On to her first job. 

Yay! (Note the sarcasm)

She shut off her alarm and went to the bathroom. She went pee and washed her hands and face. She completely forgot to get a shower last night so she just threw her hair up in a messy bun. Her old makeup was running a little so she practically slobbered on her finger and rubbed it all off.

Alyssa put on her uniform for the coffee shop she worked at from 6-12. Then she had a few hours in between for her next job at the grocery store from 6-12 as well.

She grabbed her bag, coat, and car keys and locked her itty-bitty house behind her. The cold November wind biting at her neck and ankles where her darkwash skinny jeans didn't cover. She knew that once she got into her car she could warm up and get to work maybe a minute or two late. That's another thing about Alyssa. She's always late. Which is why her boss tells her be at the grocery store at 5:30. Either way she gets there at 6:05 or something.

Alyssa tied her apron around her hips and stood in front of the register while her Co-worker Serena, started up the machines. The door opened just as Serena headed into the back.mummbling about checking or supply levels.

A guy came in with his head down, hoody up, and hands in his pockets. Sheknew exactly who it was, because she never forgets a face.

"Luke?" she asked, confused. "What are you doing?"

"Alyssa? I thought you worked at that store?" he gasped, still keeping his head low.

"Yeah, well, minimum wage isn't enough for one job to pay bills... Are you like a fugitive or something? Because u come her all suspicious like and are hiding right when the café opens, and last night you came into the grocery store right before closing. If you need help, ill gladly arbor a Fugitive." Alyssa joked.

"No, im not a criminal. Im just not a people person." he shrugged.
"Same... So what can get you?"

Luke raised his eyes to look at our chalk-written menu.
"What's your favorite?" he asked. 

Alyssa turned around to get a good view of the menu board and pointed to the smoothie call mango tango.

"Mango tangos really good. I highly suggest that." Alyssa smiled at Luke.

Luke just kept watching Alyssa. The way she moved... The way she talk... It was... Remarkable. He loved to watch that confused look she gets, that he has seen her do so many times in the few minutes they've actually spoken to eachother.

"Luke?" Alyssa laughed.

"When does your shift end?" he blurted.

Alyssa was speechless. Nobody she's met has been that forward. It was kind of sweet to her. She liked this guy. And he was exceptionally smoking hot.

"Around twelve, why?" she replied, holding back the urge to scream bloody murder.

"No reason." he winked.

"Okay." Alyssa giggled. "You havnt ordered by the way."
"You're absalutly right. Ill take two medium mango tangos... Please."

Alyssa whipped up the smoothies while Serena mysteriously was still out back and grabbed his cash.

"Your a dollar short. Mediums are $5.78. And you bought two of them... So..." Alyssa said.

"So it seems."

Luke payed in full and turned around with the smoothies in his hands. He paused like he did in the grocery store.

"Alyssa?" he called out again. 

"Mm?" Alyssa held back another scream.

"Nothing." he walked out, but imidiatly walked back in.

"Whoops. This is for you." he slid the one mango tango across the counter to her and then slipped out the door for good.

Alyssa walked to the back of the shop, sipping her delicious free treat and saw Serena sleeping on the job, surrounded by packs of boxed up food.

"Serena!"  Alyssa  hollered.

"Huh? Who... Crap!" she quickly sat up and gIve me pleading eyes.
"You can tell or boss. This is the third time this week and definitely can't afford to be fired." she begged.

"Oh please. Get up. I Wont tell him, but you need to tell him you need later hours. You clearly rant getting enough sleep." she huffed.

"Oh, thankyou! I promise I will. It just so hard to do this. I was up studying all night for exams so I can keep my straight A's in college." Serena said quickly.

College? How did she get into college? I can't. I practically failed school. I was too doped up on drugs... Maybe if I never did them... I could be like Serena. But no, I had to be dumb and ignorant and get addicted and then beg for more and then get kicked out of my house. Im sick of that person. I don't know what I would do if I ever touched another drug again. Ah... The sweet feeling of drugs. Maybe if its just a little....

Snap the Fuck out of it! Don't you dare ruin your life again... You have it made. Don't Fuck it up again.

A tear ran down Alyssa's cheek and she quickly wiped it away before Serena noticed.

"Please excuse me." Alyssa croaked as she headed for the bathroom.

Alyssa gripped the sink ad hard as she could. Her heart raced and sweat trickled down her forehead.

Fight it, Alyssa

She loosened her grip and let out a long full breath. She thanked nobody in peticular and headed back out to the register.


Alyssa untied her apron and placed it gently in her bag. Serena waved goodbye to Alyssa and Alyssa nodded, agknowleging she noticed. She reached the door when somebody opened the other side and smacked her with the door. Alyssa fell to her butt and Serena burst out laughing.

"Oww!" Alyssa cried out. 

"Oh my God." Luke dropped beside her to see if she was okay.

"You good?" he gasped.

"Im fine." Alyssa snapped and got to her feet, ignoring his gesture to help her up.

Serena wiped down a table for us and we took a seat. Luke finally took off his hoodie and Serena let out a scream, dropping the cleaning stuff in her hands. Luke cringed and hid his face.

"god damn it, Serena what the hell had gotten into you." Alyssa hollered.

"The... That's Luke Hemmings!" she childishly pointed to Luke.

"No, shit. Why the hell are you freaking out? Oh, Jesus, luke.  Did you take her virginity or something?" she directed her attention to luke. 

"Pff. I wish!" Serena beamed.

Luke stood up and grabbed my wrist pulling me out of the coffee shop. My bag started sliding so he threw it inside his expensive looking car and helped me inside.

"Luke, what the hell is going on?" Alyssa sighed.

Luke held his breath.

I don't want to tell her. She Wont like me anymore. I can't let her do that. I like her. She reminds me of.... No. She's not her.

"I may have been keeping something from you." luke cringed.

"Yes?" Alyssa sighed.

"Im a famous singer. I've been on break for a bit, getting my bearings together after... Something happened." luke refused to make eye Contact with Alyssa and continued to look out the window.

Alyssa pinched her arm hard.

"Are you fucking kidding me?" she hissed. "You kept a secret that big?"

"Im sorry Alyssa. We barely know eachother. I wanted you to trust me and vice-versa." luke groaned.

"Trust you? I don't trust anybody. Im not a trustworthy person either! I thought you were gonna be good for me if you ever asked me out." Alyssa leaned her head against the window.

"Im sorry. I really liked you. You seemed perfect." luke finally looked at alyssa, but he noticed she Wasnt looking.

Luke grabbed her chin and looked directly in her eyes.
"Please give me a chance." he whispered.

Alyssa pondered on the idea of going out with Luke. He seemed good for her and all, but she then thought about what could happen with the media. She Wasnt oblivious. She's seen the magazines about heart break and secrecy.

"Please, alyssa?" Luke gave her pleading eyes and alyssa sighed.

"Fine. You can pick me up here tomorrow at 12. Ill be waiting." 

Alyssa pulled her bag up her shoulder and got out of his car. She pulled out her keys and unlocked her own car, driving a few cars in front of Luke before turning left to her street and losing him completely.

Hey guys. This is my first chapter. Tell me what you thinking in the comments section! This chapter has been 2159 words for the actual chapter and 2234 from the authors note that's included. It took me 7 hours to complete so I really hope you enjoyed this chapter and want more. Like this chapter for more to come! 

P.S. I didn't really spell check this so don't comment your judgment

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