20 year old Dakota has made up her mind: she's joining the Avengers. She has always known she was different, because of her father (L.). SHIELD has big plans with her and she accepts their intention to make her a soldier, not realizing how quickly things can escalate.


7. At the restaurant (Tony x Pepper)

The rest of the day Natasha had me learn some basic stuff of the army and special forces: signs, parts of weapons, important naming of officers, etc. It was all summarized in papers. I had to read them all.
By the time the sun set, Wanda, Vision and Tony came back from their mission.
Tony insisted in going to a restaurant with the group. The mission was successfully completed and now the Avengers had some spare time.
I accepted the invitation and joined them. So at 8 p.m. Wanda, Vision and Tony met me downstairs. Natasha declined the offer friendly. A fancy car was waiting for us at the underground parking.
Vision held the door open for Wanda and me. My hair was still half wet from the rushed shower and I was already sweating because of all the stairs I just took to get here.
We sat comfortable in the limousine and Stark poured the Champaign.
“I haven’t asked yet. How did the mission go?”
“It went all smooth. I didn’t even have to put on my suit.”
“We successfully deactivated a dirty time bomb an dismantled an underground organisation of psycho-rebels by the help of SHIELD and government troops,” Wanda explained while sipping her glass. My mouth fell open in disbelief.
Vision picked up her explanation: “We only had to deal with the bomb. We had enough time.”
“That’s… cool.”
I accepted a glass of Champaign.
“Now it’s time to celebrate,” Tony said.
We toasted and the car took a sharp turn pushing Wanda against Vision.
“Oh, I’m sorry.”
She placed her hand on his chest and tried to sit up straight again. Vision helped her gently while looking her in the eyes. The eye contact broke of shortly after.
Tony and I gave each other a glimpse. He was concerned about these suspected complications.
Before the Champaign was finished we arrived in a discreet neighborhood.
“How was your day, Dakota?” Tony asked.
“I played ping pong with the others and we had great talk.”
“Good to hear that. Have you read the papers yet?”
“I did, with Natasha’s help.”
He smiled. The car stopped.
We got out of the car and I straightened my dress. It was already dark and a waitress awaited us at the entrance of an expensive-looking restaurant.
Inside there was a crystal chandelier in the middle of the room. The low ceiling ad the red carpet made all the other luxurious things look more cosy.
We were guided to a table for four. I sat opposite Tony. Wanda and Vision faced each other.
“I recommend the orange pisang as appetizer. Yes, we’ll take four!”
I smiled. I loved pisang. The waitress gave us the menu’s, a wine card and disappeared to prepare the pisangs.
Beside us there was only one elderly couple and a business man having a drink.
Tony became nervous. He was expecting something bad to happen, but I didn’t see how. So I ignored his strange emotions.
The pisang arrived and the waitress took our order. She went off again and the conversation went on. Wanda told me about her volunteering for Hydra a long time ago and why she choose SHIELD’s side afterwards. She cared very much for the people and wanted to protect them all.
At the time the main dish arrived I discovered why Tony was feeling so nervous. A lady entered the restaurant, saw Tony and ignored us straight. She walked to the table where the businessman sat and greeted him warmly.
The conversation at our table broke off. Tony kept staring at the red haired lady and I could feel his broken heart.
Wanda, who sat next to me, gasped and said: “I can’t believe you used us just to see her?”
He didn’t respond, but continued staring.
“Tony, stop staring!” Wanda said.
The lady kept ignoring us, especially Tony, but wasn’t feeling at ease. She tried to move on with her life, but Tony couldn’t. She was so angry at him right now.
Tony raised from his chair and walked towards the table of the red haired lady and her date.
“Pepper, long not seen! How have you been?” his words didn’t suit his mood.
“Good, thank you, Tony. As you can see I’m busy right now.”
“Who’s your new friend? Don’t you introduce me?”
“This is Nicolas, my co-worker.”
“Your co-worker, heh?”
(I have to interfere, right now!)
“Dakota, I think I can handle this alone, thank you.”
“Oh, really?” I asked and at the same time I offered my hand at Pepper and her date.
“Hello, I’m Dakota. Nice to finally meet you, both. There has been a huge misunderstanding and I never wanted this to happen. How could I be so ignorant of this situation, I had no idea you would be dining here at the same time as us.”
“Do you?” Pepper asked.
“Yes, we’re celebrating a successful mission. Tony saved California from a dirty bomb with his clever mind, I’ll leave the details for him to tell you.”
Suddenly her date raised angrily from his chair and left the restaurant in a rush. (Because the whole time he had seen an illusion of Pepper and Tony confessing their love to each other.)
Pepper was left in utter surprise when I took Tony by the arm and guided him to the chair opposite hers.
“You have a lot to explain and apologize, Tony. And Pepper, please, he will always be a jerk, but you like that jerk. Just give him another chance.”
I walked away. Wanda was staring at me in disbelief.
“I think we better leave,” Vision said.
“No, I don’t want to miss this,” Wanda replied.
“And I’m not leaving without a dessert,” I spoke smiling in mischief.

Two hours later the limousine picked us up again. Tony was silenced by the talk he had with Pepper. They almost ended up crying at a certain moment and embraced each other and I heard her say these few important words.
“I can’t stand you being so famous and saving the world, but I guess that’s who you are and I have the accept that. I’m sorry.”
That was the goal. She would move back in again any time she wanted. That would be soon. Also, Tony’s company would be much better managed with her on his side.
Their promises were left behind, because they knew they wouldn’t keep them.
“Are you alright?” I asked.
“You just… put me in my place… And I thank you for that.”
“Yeah, going to a woman without a plan is a bad idea.”
He laughed and shook his head.
“That’s what she does to me: make me lose my mind.”
He clapped his hands and ended this emotional façade.
“Tomorrow I’m gone to a conference so you’ll be in the tower alone. It is late already, so I suggest you all rest well.”
We arrived surprisingly fast back at the tower. Vision and Wanda disappeared in the elevator. I headed for the stairs. Tony swiftly followed me and held the door open for me.
“I want to talk to you about something, Dakota. I want a situation report.”
I started taking the stairs, he came next to me and tried to make eye contact.
“Wanda and Vision, hehe?”
I couldn’t keep my voice serious.
“Yes, tell me it isn’t true.”
I waited two floors to stop and take a breath. Only then I made the eye contact he was looking for.
“It is true, but it is very complicated. I think they are in love, but they don’t want to, because they know the consequences for the team, but…”
“But what?”
“I don’t want you to make them break up, please. What they have is… special and fragile. Vision is half a robot in his mind and I can’t read him, Wanda is blocking me of with her powers, but I clearly see the signs.”
I continued taking the stairs. Tony followed.
“It’s just like you and Pepper. It is sometimes better not to be in love with a living being, but you do need each other and you shouldn’t interfere in Vision and Wanda’s romance.”
“So they are already together? And leave me and Pepper out of this.”
“No, and yes, soon something will happen, I’m sure of that. The only reason it hasn’t happened yet is because they are both afraid for the reaction of the team. I think everyone should be prepared for the sight of Wanda and Vision as a couple.”
One floor further up I stopped again.
“Okay? Nothing more, you don’t disagree, I feel that.”
“Do your thing, Dakota. I hired you for that. Prepare the team and play Cupid for the Avengers. You sure did a great job today, but…”
He took me by the arm: “If they break up, the Avengers break up and I don’t want that and I will partly blame you if it happens, and it will.”
“Thank you for the warning, but Wanda isn’t just an ordinary girl with a crush and Vision is extraordinary. He already analysed the situation and only needs one right sign to set his feelings loose and win the war of doubt.”
(I should be a poetic)
Tony sighed and nodded: “I trust you. Prepare the team and prepare Vision. You made me see, tonight, that sometimes I have to stop following my brains and let things go their way.”
He didn’t trust me, but said the words he wanted to believe. I couldn’t fail him with this. Wanda and Vision were a thing, I had to make it happen without drama’s taking place.
“I’ll do the best I can, with everyone. I’m the Swiss. I don’t choose sides, remember that for the future, Tony.”
He was relieved in hearing his name being said in that tone and left the staircase for the elevator and wished me sweet dreams.
I looked up and saw all the floors ahead of me and yawned. In a half an hour I would be all prepped up for the warm bed. Little did I know what was waiting for me.

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