Hopeless Romantic Man

Ash is hopeless when it comes to asking people out on a date or starting up a conversation with someone he fancies.


3. Work

Once I arrive at work after shortly being home just to get changed and have a fast shower I started to feel light headed, this may have happened due to me having to travel up 23 floors on the lift. “Crazy night?” I hear from the receptionist at the front desk “Yea, kinda” I respond to him while holding onto the wall. Maybe I shouldn’t have been in such a rush to make it to work on time and cause myself so much trouble. “Hey, look who it is” Oliver says while poking his head over the cubicle wall, “Yea, yea. I know, it was a crazy night apparently”. Oliver was a good friend of mine that decided to join me on the journey to the pub, little did he know I was going to get wasted last night, “Should have told me you were a little softy, might have went a little easier on you with the booze” laughing as he says that. “Do you remember that girl I left with last night by the way?” I ask while im typing away on my computer, “Yea the hot blonde? Mate who could have forgotten her? And those eyes of hers” I cut him off to explain to him what happened and who she is. “Are you serious? You went to school with a hottie like that and you don’t remember?” he yells at me with a hushed voice.

It’s midday and I start to feel hungry, so I decide to take my break and head off to this new café that has opened up just down the road from work. “Oliver, want to join me at the new café?”, I ask but I get no response only to see that he has already left for his lunch break. After about 10 minutes’ walk I arrive at the new café, I order a cappuccino with a ham cheese toastie. It only took 5 minutes for them to make, but the second I pulled the two halves of the sandwich apart cheese just filled up the gap and fell to the bottom of the plate, “Now this is what you call a toastie” I say to myself. After enjoying myself for 30 minutes I decide it’s time for me to go back to work, I pay for the meal and leave a tip. Bzzttt, Bzztttt. I grab my phone to see a number that I haven’t seen before, “Hello, Ash speaking” I say politely. “Yes Ash, this is Loren. You left your number on my fridge earlier today saying that we have to talk?”. “Yea, ummm. Did you attend Komel elementary?” the other side goes silent for a second “Hello, still there Loren?”. “Yes, yea sorry about that” she sounded puzzled answering that question, as if she wasn’t sure that she attended that school at first.

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