Torn, Ripped, and Saved

It was gone. But not completely.


4. Chapter Four- The Few- Blaise

The deer seemed to get heavier and heavier as I neared my house, but I pushed on. I knew I could make it.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here, boys?" a growling voice chuckled.

No. The Few can't be here! They can't! I'm too close! 

I didn't bother to look at them before I did anything. I knew I would be too late if I did that. I pulled out my bow and pulled an arrow out of my quiver and spun around, dropping the deer to stand over it.

"Nice to see you again, Sam," I said, grinning, even though I was nervous. "And Byron, and Cain, and Jackson."

Sam laughed and pulled out his sword. "Nice to see you too, Blaise. But I must be going, and I believe you have something that belongs to me."

I grabbed the legs of the deer. "Oh, sorry, but you must be mistaken. This is mine." I held up my bow. "And I-"

Sam growled and charged at me. I fell backwards onto the deer, still holding it's legs, Sam above me, his sword inches from my throat.

"Surrender the deer. Or else," he hissed.

I scooted backwards, enough to put my feet on the ground. I slowly sawed almost undetectably on the deer's leg until it came off and I heard a pop.

I jumped up and ran. "Not today!" I said, running as fast as I could to my house, and leaving the Few with a legless deer and satisfied- yet angry- expressions.


I returned home within minutes, out of breath, exhausted, yet glad. I had gotten away from the Few with food- and uninjured and alive! That was extremely rare. With my numerous encounters with the Few- many of them scrapes with death- I had never gotten away without a wound. A few of the many things that I had from them weren't as obvious, but most were. I had a large scar on the back of my head, which I had hidden underneath my long blonde hair. I had a bite mark on the bottom of my foot from the day where I had lost my shoes when searching the rubble for animals and fought to keep a rabbit. I had a cut on the underneath of my jaw from years ago where Cain'd hit me with the butt of his gun (even though it didn't work, it could kill). 

I shuffled through the leaves in front of a large, grey concrete building until I found the piece of wood that covered hole. I took it off, jumped in the hole, covered it back up, and began the short crawl into my house through the large pipes. When I made the house, I had put up large pipes to crawl through rather than a door because our last house was bombarded by gang using the front door. It was a little difficult carrying a leg while doing that, but I was used to it. I usually only returned home with small pieces of food.

When I emerged on the other side through the hole in the entrance hall and pushed the covering closed, I was smothered with hugs from my little sister and brother.

"Lavender! Orville!" I laughed. I held up my left hand that held the deer leg. "Look what I've got! Your favorite!"

Lavender adorably licked her lips. She was so cute. Even cuter than most five-year-olds. "Yummy!" she said.

Orville frowned. "I wanted rabbit."

I hugged him. "Oh, rabbit can get messy. Deer is better!" I said. "Now go strike up the oven and open the Oxygen Hatch."

We had built the building so that, unless you were told how to, you wouldn't be able to get in. This meant no windows or doors, so very little oxygen. So we had one plant in each room, and every day we would open up what we called the Oxygen Hatch, which was a small opening in the building. The house was just strange like that. It's just that I wanted Orville and Lavender to be safe, especially now that Momma and Pa were gone and Orville was just eight and Lav just five. Not that they didn't get any exercise or sunlight. I made a room especially for play, and every weekend they would go outside for ten minutes.

Orville came back in a second and pulled out a match. He lit the small, iron stove that ran on wood. 

I grabbed a bucket and a lid and walked back over to the hole where I had come. "I'll be back in a second. I need to go get water."

Lav came over to me. "Bay," she said, not yet able to pronounce my name,"can I come?"
I ruffled her short, black hair. "Sorry, sweetie, but I need to go alone," I said, planting a kiss on her head.

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