Torn, Ripped, and Saved

It was gone. But not completely.


9. Chapter 9 - We Have To Get Out Of Here - Dani

I woke up to the the sounds of whispering coming from Lizzie and Blaise. I walked to Blaise's room.

I stood at the door, watching them. I couldn't make out most of what they were saying, but it had something to do with some book. I was dazed. I felt around my pockets mindlessly.

Then it hit me.

My gun was gone.

I started to search around for it, and I spotted it on the table. Quietly, I grabbed it and went back to where Cody was asleep.

"Wake up!" I whispered and shook him awake.

"What is it, Danielle?" he asked, eyes half closed.

"We have to get out of here, I don't trust these people," I said, packing up our stuff.

"They saved our lives, Dani," he said sternly.

"I don't care. They took my gun, and they are whispering over there about God knows what. I'm leaving," I told him.

He nodded his head slowly.

Together we packed our things and snuck out the hole.

They didn't even notice that we had left.....

I hoped anyway.


After hours of walking, we finally arrived back in the city. The next couple of streets were familiar. Then we came upon our apartment. 

We were finally safe...

But I had a feeling that wasn't the last we would see if Lizzie and Blaise.

And my instincts were never wrong. 


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