Torn, Ripped, and Saved

It was gone. But not completely.


8. Chapter 8- The Midnight Hour- Lizzie

I jumped up, panting and sweating. It was the same dream. It was always the same dream.
In my head, I separated dream from reality again. I looked around. I was sitting on the floor with an old patched blanket on my legs. I was in the only spare space Blaise could find.

Cody and Dani were a few meters away from me. They were hugging each other desperately in their sleep. 
I mentally threw up, because if I did it actually, I would wake them up. I didn't want to listen to their flirting with each other anymore. It made me feel sick.
This place was better than the forest though.

Lavender, Blaise's little sister, came in.  She was so like my sister that it made my heart want to burst. She and Blaise's younger brother Orville were a bit wary of me at first, but after I shared my food supplies, they decided to trust me.
Blaise still had my book though, and I hadn't had the nerve to ask for it back yet.
Lavender looked worried.  "Why were you talking in your sleep?" she asked me quietly. She looked only half awake.
"It's just a bad dream," I told her. "Nothing to worry about."

"You were crying out for your family. My family has disappeared too. Maybe they all went to the same place. Do you know where they went? Blaise won't tell me," she said.
I needed to change the subject. I don't want to give Lavender the weight of the world. Not just yet. And even if I did, Blaise would kill me.
"I have no idea," I said innocently. "What about you go back to sleep and I will make you pancakes in the morning." 

Her face lit up and I could see she hadn't had pancakes in a long time. She licked her lips in anticipation and trotted off back to her bed.

I tried to go back to sleep but the threat of nightmares hung over me. If only I could have my book back.

An idea hit me, and I felt ashamed that I didn't think of it before.
I'm going to steal my book back.

I waited a bit to make sure Lavender fell back asleep and then I crept out of this room and into Blaise's. She looked peaceful when she was asleep. Her natural barrier was down. The scars on her face didn't stand out as much. I wonder how she got them.

I spotted the black bag that Blaise'd taken after the fight with The Few. I crept over to it and start looking for my book. "Where is it?" I muttered to myself.

"What is so special about this book anyway?" said a voice.
I turned around to see Blaise sitting cross-legged on her bed, my book in hand.
I turn back around to look for an escape, but Dani was standing at the door, half-asleep and half-confused. 

I don't know, but I'll find out.

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