She swore to herself that she would never love again.


2. And she died once

Yes I know you are just a man, but I also am just a woman.

Nothing more, nothing less than what I was created to be.

In the image of a God, a smaller version of himself.

We can be perfect if we make an effort-

We can be flawed if we don't want to bother-

We can be stagnating because we're too scared of failing and falling!


As soon as I left the apartment I was able to think, all the things that I had wanted to say to him came to mind and as the doors of the elevator closed I was mentally kicking myself for being so weak. I couldn't say a thing, not even a word. I couldn't comfort him in his time of need my mind had gone completely blank! In the corner of the elevator I slump against the wall and wait in silence as my thoughts begin to process.

"I love you." 

You know I do don't you? Do I even have to say it?  I sigh. The image of his back comes to mind, I wanted to reach out for it but I couldn't, I was too scared. Is that why he did it? Why he went behind my back and sleep with my best friend Stacy, whenever I was down in the dumps she was always there for me, whenever I felt insecure or like giving up she would always be the one to cheer me on, she's so good at talking to others and comforting them in ways I could never imagine- that was what I thought but... I was wrong. If Stacy was so perfect as I held her up to be she would have known that by comforting him with her body she would have ended up hurting me. Did she just not care?

Maybe she made a mistake, maybe she didn't know what she was doing? But I knew better. I knew more than I thought I did. She liked him, she loved him. After all she fucked him. For a while I thought it was rage shaking my bones but it was actually the elevator itself. I was too deep in thought to notice the light flickering it was only when the elevator began to fall that I began to realize that I...

I was going to die.

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