Falling Slowly

A Nalu Fanfiction!


1. The Bucket

The sky was lit up with beautiful stars. Some of them glistened and shined while others were just bland but other than that the sky was amazing. Lucy stared out almost in a trance when a loud bump made her jump. She looked at the window and stood there dumbfounded.

Suddenly a shadow passed by the window and Lucy crept behind the bed scared. A outline of pink and blue hair appeared in the window and Lucy let out a gasp of relief. She had thought it was robber or murderer or someone scary like that! The dumb idiot! Why would he come here this early and scare me this much!!!

The pink-haired idiot climbed through the window, his exceed companion at his side. As soon as he arrived a hand smashed against his face sending into the nearby wall. Lucy exclaimed angrily,

"You scared me to death! For all I know you could have been a murderer!"

He replied back a red hand mark appearing on his face,

"I'm sorry! But it's only 4:00!!"

Lucy was shocked by his answer and yelled back,

"Four in the morning!! Why are you here??"

Natsu bit his lip and in a sigh he said,

"I don't know... I was bored. Your the first person I thought of."

Lucy looked at him in a odd way after he said that. Then her heart started beating faster and faster. She felt her face go bright red and then she immediantly was grateful that the room was dark. She managed to control her heart beat.

Natsu looked back as well feeling weird that Lucy was just standing there. He thought,

"What's wrong with her?"

Lucy thought,

"All he said was that I was the first person he thought of..."

He heart beat went up again. Why was she blushing and freaking out just because of that! It's not like she liked him or anything. But what if he liked her...?

Natsu decided to break the ice by saying,

"Do you have any food? I'm starving!"

Lucy jumped not expecting such a sudden question. Then she came to the realization of what he had just said and she raised her eyebrows accusingly.

"You want Food?! Now! No! Get out of my apartment!"

Natsu pouted expecting another slap. He never got one so he headed towards the window.

Lucy yelled again,

"Use the Front door! That's what normal people do!"

Natsu turned around and walked towards the door. He felt a little sad but he knew she would be happier tomorrow. He jumped out the window and walked alongside the river. He made his way back home and plopped into his bed staring at the ceiling. He felt weird. What could that be?

The next morning the sky was brighter than usual and the sun hung high in the sky. It burned down upon Lucy making her sweat. She balanced on the wall by the river and as usual the men on the boats that passed her said,

"Lucy! Be careful not to fall into the water!"

She never tripped though and ignored their warnings. She lifted her hand and cupped it over her brow blocking the sun from above. She finally reached the guild hot and sweaty. Everyone else there seemed to be too. Wendy and gray were helping by making it snow. Wendy would blow little ice bits into the air and cold breezes came across the room. Now everyone was cooling off. Sighs of relief suppressed across the room.

Lucy walked to the bar and sat down on the chair.

Mirajane walked up to her cheerfully and asked,

"Do you want anything?"

Lucy replied tired from the long walk,

"Yeah... Yeah. Can I please have a glass of water?"

Mirajane replied with a giggle,

"Hehe! Of course!"

She walked away going to a station behind the bar.

Lucy sat there embracing the peacefulness and the nice cold breeze. She suddenly felt a hot breeze overpower the coldness and sighed as she turned around to a hot-headed Natsu. He had just busted through the doors and was walking towards her with a flier in his hand. He was waving it in the air excitedly and seemed to be bragging about it. The little blue exeed flew after him excited as well. They reached the bar and Natsu plopped down in one of the chairs next to her. Happy just sat on Natsu's head.Mirajane had just arrived with the water. She carefully set it down on the bar and walked away to talk to Lisanna, who was calling her name.

Natsu seemed to burst while saying this,

"We just got a HUGE job for lots of money! I snatched it this morning before anyone else could see it!"

Lucy squealed in joy excited to be able to pay her rent again. Plus there might be leftovers to spend on new clothes!

Lucy exclaimed happily,

"Oh yes! Thanks! Now I'll be able to pay my rent again!"

Natsu smiled his huge and adorable smile and said,

"Haha yeah! And I'll get more FOOD!"

Lucy realized what she had just thought... Adorable smile? What was I thinking?

Natsu boomed out interrupting her thoughts,

"So you ready?! Let's go!"

He jumped out of his seat and grabbed Lucy's hand. He dragged her along. But when he made contact with her hand a little spark went through him and it made him smile. He thought,

"I wonder what that was...weird...never felt that way before. Oh well!"

He brushed it off in his mind and put the thought of the mission in his mind instead. Happy flew after them trying to catch up. They slowed down a whole lot when they arrived at the train station. Natsu almost puked just by looking at it. After they had bought their tickets and boarded the train Natsu felt queasy. Then the train started.

Natsu said,

"How wonderful..."

Then his face turned sickishly green. He grabbed the bucket Lucy had brought and then the trip began. When Natsu had puked as much as he could he layed his head down in her lap.

Lucy was startled by the sudden burden on her legs and looked down at his face. He looked up at her and had a relaxed look in his eyes. Then just as Lucy was about to say something Natsu's head lay calm and tired. He was asleep. He was unusually quiet and... Cute. His little face seemed to look young and innocent.

Suddenly a snore irrupted from his mouth disturbing the thought of him being cute... Happy also began to snore and Lucy found herself thrown in a dream.

Lucy was walking by the water on the stone wall and then she tripped falling. But she didn't hit water she just fell into blackness. The blackness turned lighter and it was now a soft pink. Like Natsu's hair... She looked up and saw his face. And she realized she was in his arms. He had caught her. When she saw him she stared up into his eyes being engulfed in their complex beauty. As she stared deeper she felt the falling sensation again and she always ended up in Natsu's arms. She woke up in a daze staring around mechanically. Happy was right above her. He asked as soon as she looked at him,

"Why were you talking in your sleep?"

Lucy looked at him weirdly and said,

"What did I say?"

Happy replied suspiciously,

"You were saying "Natsu" over and over again!"

Lucy said shocked,

"I was?!"

Happy said,

"Yeah and look."

Lucy looked where she was . Natsu had somehow gotten under her and his muscular arms where wrapped around her.

Happy giggled,


Lucy's face turned brighter red than before. Then she yelled back at the stupid cat,


Happy said back in a pervy way,

"Yeah you do! Cause... Your sleeping with him!"

Lucy jumped off Natsu and sat on the complete other side of the table in front of them in the train.

Natsu woke up suddenly and exclaimed,

"What was all that? What jus-"

It wasn't long before Natsu went for the bucket.

Lucy made a cut-throat signal at Happy who was trying to tell Natsu what happened. She whispered so only Happy could hear her,

"If you tell I'll kill you!"

She held up one of her keys that had horns on it.

Happy whispered,

"Not Taurus!!"

Lucy whispered back in a snicker,

"Then you'd better not push your luck!"

Happy nodded scared out of his tiny brain.

Natsu was able to talk again and said,

"Uggg... What's that smell..."

Lucy replied holding her nose,

"It's probably all that puke in the bucket!"

Natsu replied groggily,

"No it smells like coconuts and sunshine..."

Lucy felt her head nearly blast off in embarrassment. That was the shampoo she used and she had just been sleeping on him... The smell must have gotten on his clothes... Oh no...

Natsu said,

"Hey.... It kinda smells like..."

Lucy said back flustered,

"Like what?!"

Natsu replied weirdly,

"Like your shampoo."

She swore her ears where on fire and that her face looked like a strawberry.

So she tried to reply normally,

"M-my shampoo?!"

Natsu said laughing,

"Yeah! You know why! Once while you where gone I snuck through your window and took a bath because it's so clean in there! Unlike my bathroom... It's so gross in there!"

Lucy yelled angrily,


Natsu said stupidly,

" I took a bath while you wer-"

Lucy interrupted him yelling again,


Natsu frowned,

"I'm sorry... I just... Uh... Hehe..."

He just smiled. He looked at me and smiled as large as can be. His teeth stretched across his face grinning happily. Lucy gaped at him unable to process why the heck he was smiling in this situation!

Then she smiled back. She couldn't help it. She just did. What overcame her? What made her smile. Maybe it was the cute way his eyes stared back at her. Maybe it was the way his hair spiked out so messy that it made him look perfect. Maybe it was the smile that could make anyone happy no matter how sad they were. Maybe it was time to confess... That over the years she had slowly began to get used to his stupidity. To like him... Then to finally fall in love with him. Was it time to say it...

The train suddenly stopped and Natsu flew toward her bucket in his hands. The puke flew everywhere. In her hair, on her clothes. EVERYWHERE.

She screeched in disgust,


Natsu felt even more sick. Happy dragged him off the train.

And there she was. The girl who had fallen in love with an idiot who spilled a bucket of puke all over her.

She thought,

"Wonderful...Just wonderful..."

She ran off the train going straight for the first place with bathrooms.

Natsu off the train wasn't sick anymore but instead he was hungry. He watched Lucy run off and immediately followed her unaware the place she was headed. He lost track of her but could smell the puke and was slowly tracking her down.

She thought again,

"Thank god I brought extra clothes. I feel so gross..."

She spotted the most wonderful sight. A bathhouse. It was beckoning her arrival. So she ran straight to it. She ran in and dropped money on the counter. The lady there looked her up and down in disgust and pointed to the baths.

Lucy ran to the bathrooms and undressed as quickly as she could. She then ran into the bath as screaming girls scattered and ran back into the bathrooms. She jumped in and suddenly felt warm and cleaner. She dumped her head under the water scrubbing hard with her fingers. When she arose she heard the other girls screaming and she looked towards the bathrooms in alarm. Pink hair and scarf wrapped around his neck crashed into the bath area. Lucy herself screamed and grabbed the towel closest to her. Natsu stared right at her.

Lucy screamed,


Natsu stood there still looking at her.

Lucy was mortified. She blushed a deep red and managed to scream again,


Natsu twitched but didn't move his feet.

Lucy was getting mad.

Natsu lips pursed and she noticed he was looking up at the ceiling.

He spoke,

"I'm... Uh sorry..."

He was looking away anywhere else he could.

Lucy yelled again,

"Why don't you just leave!??"

Natsu answered,

"Cause I want money for food!"

Lucy seemed to be fuming now. Maybe it was the bath water but I could tell she was angry.

Lucy screamed this time,


Natsu turned around and ran as fast as he could and found her purse. He took it with him and went to the nearest restaurant. What he didn't know was that he took the spare clothes with him as well.



















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