Falling Slowly

A Nalu Fanfiction!


2. Cat-astrophe


Happy after Natsu as he ran to the nearest restaurant. He sat in a booth close to the window and called a waiter to his table. Natsu felt himself fall into a daze after ordering his food. When the waiter came back with fifty bowls of ramen he woke up and started stuffing his face hungrily with Happy whose stomach was originally growling louder than before.

Lucy eased slowly into the water out of sight. She sighed and let her breath come out in a long held breath of relaxation which had been held onto ever since she boarded the train with Natsu. Slowly she drifted off into a relaxing daze of silent bliss.

Meanwhile Natsu gorged himself full of noodles until all the ramen bowls were empty. Only the yellowish residue of ramen noodles stuck to the bowl which would soon be licked of by Happy. Natsu sighed,"Ah that was sooooo good! Do you think they have dessert?" Happy giggled, " I hope so!!" With pink hair stuck up in spikes he whirled around and yelled,"WAITER," in the most rude way possible. The poor waiter who had been called waddled over to their table as fast as she could with beads of sweat on her forehead. She hurriedly pulled out her notepad and grabbed a pen from her pocket. Natsu asked for dessert and as he said everything he wanted she was scribbling faster than light whatever he said onto the notepad. When he finished asking for refills on their drinks she sighed and jogged to the kitchen. As soon as she left and grabbed the pitchers for refills the chef in the kitchen began yelling out the order which was huge. In about an hour the petite girl waiter was brining plated and plates of cake and many other desserts on trays which she could barely hold. You could tell because he small feet were wobbling unbalanced. Finally when the order had been carried the waiter put the check on the table and waddled away from the table probably hoping to never see Natsu and Happy again as customers. When they had finished their last course Natsu looked at the check and sighed, " I hope Lucy will be able to pay her rent this month..." On the check in big red number it said, ' 100,00 yen '.

Natsu sighed,"Lucy's gonna be so mad..."

Happy laughed it off, " Oh well. She told us we could get whatever!"

Natsu replied coolly, " Your right! I almost forgot."

Happy smirked," That's because you were staring at something else~"

Natsu asked," What are you talking about?"

Happy laughed," You know...Lucy was taking a bath when you went looking for her remember?"

Natsu said defensively, " Shut up you don't know anything!"

Happy said," But I do."

Natsu yawned," Can we just go we already paid the check..."

Happy sighed," Aye sir!"

Natsu jumped, " Alright!"


Just as Natsu and Happy were leaving Lucy was finishing up her bath. As relaxing as it was, Lucy would not be prepared for the stressful struggle ahead of her. She wrapped the towel around her tightly and went to retrieve her purse only it wasn't there were she had left it. In panic she rushed to the lady at the front desk of the bathhouse. She stared at her with disgust as Lucy explained the purse incident. Unfortunetly she did not know where the purse could be.


While Lucy searched desperately for her purse which held her clothes Natsu rushed through the town with Happy. He was on his way to the bathhouse expecting her to be finished and ready to go.


Lucy gave up searching and then a wild idea popped up in her head angering her to the point of making her scream in frustration. Natsu had her purse.


Natsu finally reached the bathhouse and when he got there Lucy was waiting in the lobby tapping her foot impatiently.

Right as he reached her she screeched," NATSU! Where is my purse?!"

He stared at her and grinned," Right her-"

In horror he stared at his hand which was supposed to hold the purse.

He turned to Happy and said accusingly," He had it last!"


Happy said," Hey you liar! It was you ! You used the money in there to pay for the restaurant!"

Natsu turned to Lucy who was turning bright red," You IDIOTS!"

Natsu suggested," You could use one of your zodiac keys to summon a celestial outfit?"

Lucy clenched her teeth and said," If only... my keys... Were in my PURSE!"

Natsu cringed and pleaded," Please don't hurt us we didn't mean to lose it!"

Lucy yelled," The least you deserve is a LUCY KICK!"

She jumped up in the air and snapped out her foot out landing a blow to Natsu's face.

When his sorry butt had risen from the ground he said," Well lets go find it."

Lucy said," I'm in a TOWEL!"

Natsu took of his coat and handed it to Lucy," There use that."

Lucy blushed and reluctantly put it on.

Natsu asked," Better?"

Lucy replied," For now."

He sighed," Well at least you have a towel."

"You better not push you luck," she made an evil grin.

Walked through the town with Lucy was a big distraction. All the people were staring and gawking at her. Instinctively Natsu walked in front of her. Lucy held her head down as they got to the restaurant to check if the purse was still there. Natsu went to check back at the booth he had eaten at. When he got there he grimaced.

Turning to Lucy he said," It's umm... Not there?"

Lucy turned bright red," Its not there!? What about my keys?!"

Natsu looked down," I'm sorry! It was a accident really!"

Lucy put her hands on her face and whimpered," Those are my friends... How could you just have left them here..."

Natsu apologized," I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I didn't know! I uh-

Lucy began to cry and as she did Natsu fely terrible. He thought to himself,

//I can't believe I left her purse here. It was stolen and its all my fault. How do I help her?

He slammed his fist on a nearby table which luckily didn't have any people sitting at it and grabbed Lucy's hands.

He looked her in her teary eyes and declared," I promise we'll find your keys. That's a promise so don't expect me to be lying!"

He squinted his eyes and smiled," I promise. Remember that alright."

Lucy stared at him and blushed slightly.

Then with tears dripping down her face she smiled a bit herself and said hopefully," Thank you Natsu."


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