becoming a super star

the main character a.k.a Lozza has won a trip to Sydney and gets a suprise by getting a ticket to a VIP one direction concert, she doesn't really know them but is willing to go and meets them. she becomes such good friends with Harry that he invites her on tour with them.


7. Chapter 7: Harry

meet harry in bathroom find out he's self absorbed and mean meet niall from crying and like him better than harry


Me and Tilly spent hours in out hotel room getting ready for the concert.

I decided not to wear a frickin' ball gown or anything. Just something simple and fun i could dance around in.

Tilly dressed the same except a longer skirt and a sweater. On the way there i couldn't help but think about my father, I didn't even know if it was him who died or my sister.

T: Lauren, you've been acting strange lately, what's up?

L: Tilly, I... I," I fumbled for words and excuses. "Just scared that they won't like me after all we are meeting them in a meet and greet"

T (thoughts): Something's up with Lauren. I hope she knows she can trust me, I hope. After all, I'm only her friend to find out the truth. and then kil---

*Beep* *beep*

I snapped out of my daydream and glanced over at at Tilly questioningly.

We both craned our heads around looking for the sound of the source and turned in the same direction. Towards the drivers seat.

He pulled out his phone and took it, we craned our head forward to catch only snippets of the conversation.


Driver: Hello ........ yes ........ soon .... my way ..... (chuckling) don't worry ...... leave .... for you.


He turned around and I leeched back in my chair but quickly tried to hide it by leaning against the door and looking out.

Driver: Your here

Tilly quickly hopped out of the car and ran ahead not waiting for me. Just as i was about to head out the door suddenly slammed closed and locked. I grasped the handle not wanting to be stuck in a car with li--

Driver: I hope you remember our deal

said the deep, sickening voice i had heard too much of.

"No" I breathed. though thinking about crushing the earpiece.

The doors suddenly unlocked and I ran from the car but not before hearing a small whisper.

I'll be watching


I made it to the lineup for the V.I.P section and found Tilly amongst other dircetioners gasping at how this was there 50th concert of 1D's ever or something. I quickly hauled her into line and darted off to the toilets. you don't know how long that car ride took.

I walked slowly around the stadium looking for signs of any sort and soon found one. while walking over to it I noticed a Black limo had pulled up next to the back entrance and out step 1 direction.

I stopped with my hand on the handle of the door gaping at Harry Styles like a fish (gross I know)

He locked his beautiful emerald green eyes with mine and I was entranced before quickly snapping out of it and closing my mouth. I blushed furiously and quickly smiled before darting into the bathroom.


"Tell him you're not interested" a voice in my ear said, Lincoln.

"what are you talking about" I said, not bothering to whisper as no one was here.

"He's coming over" He hissed


I backed into a stall and hid next to the toilet.

I closed my eyes as I heard the door slowly open and slow footsteps rang in my ear.


Don't kill me Please.


"Love, are you in here" I hear harry's voice say

I knew it was his because I did some research. His voice began to fade out as he found me. He looked startled and started yelling. His every move getting blurred from my vision.

I slowly collapsed into darkness as I hear Harry urgently yell our location, perhaps into his phone.



Author's Note

Thank you guys for reading. What, 2 chapters in 1 Day. You're welcome :)

I will try hard to have little twists in the story to make it more interesting and different from other stories.

Feel free to give tips and help.


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