becoming a super star

the main character a.k.a Lozza has won a trip to Sydney and gets a suprise by getting a ticket to a VIP one direction concert, she doesn't really know them but is willing to go and meets them. she becomes such good friends with Harry that he invites her on tour with them.


6. Chapter 6: Lincolns Promise?!

As i stepped off the plane i felt the warm breeze of Sydney hit me right in the face and i exhaled with delight. I could imagine myself being filmed, looking like a Hollywood movie star with the wind blowing in my hair.

I glanced around expecting there to be tones of people walking around but was met with two wandering eyes and a camera. 

My eyes widened now terrified, I stumbled backwards into Tilly and slightly jumped at the soud of Lincolns voice in my ear.

"So, go through the doors to the concert" Lincoln said not bothering to notice how loud his voice was.

"Fine i'll do whatever you say, just don't mess me up" I whisper-yelled. I then added, "Again...," so softly i could barely here myself.




He held a picture of my family held captive, their hands tied and mouths gagged.

I tried to wriggle free in horror. before he pulled his arm around my neck and pulling me against him.

"This can't be true," I screeched in his ear. But the only response i got was a wicked smile knowing that he had won. he won everything. And i was helpless.


He put his phone on speed dial and a gruff voice was heard on the other side.

"Hey, yes, I would like to Speak to Lauren's family thank you" Making sure I could hear every part of what he was saying.

I tried to block out the screams of voices i knew all to well. There was my mothers, I loved her so much. Then soon after came my fathers and sisters.

They became more urgent willing for someone to hear them as i heard a gun being loaded.

I squeezed my eyes closed tears on the verge of spilling.


A loud bang was heard. Then dead silence and a soft sobbing noise.

I felt my life being drained from within me, leaving me with an emotionless soul.


I felt a hot breath glide towards my ear and say.

"Do what I say and your Mother stays alive"

My heart then willed with hope to see what's left of my family alive, then and there i made a pledge.


I must earn every piece of their trust back once I break it.



Sorry for the short chapter



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