becoming a super star

the main character a.k.a Lozza has won a trip to Sydney and gets a suprise by getting a ticket to a VIP one direction concert, she doesn't really know them but is willing to go and meets them. she becomes such good friends with Harry that he invites her on tour with them.


4. Chapter 4: under the cherry tree

the bell rang at 3pm for the end of school and i headed straight to the cherry tree. i know i forgot about it until two days later but hopefully they will still wait there for me.

As i lent against the tree I pulled out my phone to check Instagram, i scrolled through my profile and all my pictures had more than 1000 likes, getting likes and having people comment on my pictures makes me so happy.


"you have a nice smile"

I whipped around straight into a guy and fell to the ground, i closed my eyes and waited for me to land but i never did. i slowly opened my eyes and realized i was being held, bridal style by Lincoln.

My eyes widened in realization and i screamed for him to put me down.

"not unless you do what i say" he mocked in a high squeaky voice.

I stopped dead and my face fell to seriousness like i meant business, of course it was just a cover up face for my real feelings...

"what do you want" I asked dead serious.

"you do whatever i tell you" He smirked at me knowing that he won

But i was not going to give in, Song time


"Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you"


Sorry i'm kinda weird.

Lincoln stared at me like i was possessed by Satan

"what," i said, "i never said anything"

Umm.." he said, " you realised you sometimes speak your thoughts out loud"


I held back from blushing or looking him in the eye, i asked cautiously

"why do you want me to do what you tell me to, it won't matter anyway because i'm leaving for sydney and you can't stop me"

I smiled devilishly but was taken aback by his clear smile facing me

"that's exactly what i won't you to do"




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