becoming a super star

the main character a.k.a Lozza has won a trip to Sydney and gets a suprise by getting a ticket to a VIP one direction concert, she doesn't really know them but is willing to go and meets them. she becomes such good friends with Harry that he invites her on tour with them.


2. chapter 2: trouble

Lauren's POV:

BTW this is set in america.

that night i went home because tomorrow was a school day and i knew if i stayed at tilly's house we would be up all night. my parents were at work on the night shift so it would just be me. 




I woke up to a beeping sound I've become so used to. i rolled onto my side to check the time, it read 6:00, i pulled myself out from my bed and dragged myself into the shower to get refreshed from my night's sleep.

i wore a cute outfit i had planned to wear today (in the picture) grabbed an apple for lunch and went out to meet my friend Sophie to walk to school together. As we walked into school we got a bunch of stares, i guess you could say we were the popular girl group. i walked to my locker and there was a note inside it from an unanimous person. i read it aloud to my friends

L: I heard you were the popular one. meet me at the cherry tree after school.

T: Someone has a secret admirer!! OMG you have to go.

S (sophie): i don't know about this idea it's kind of sketchy, what if...

L: oh, come on sophie. i got a note like this in 5th grade from a nerdy guy who liked me and it was well awkward but a great memory. what's the worst that can happen? well bye guys i'll meet you at lunch

I walked off towards my locker to grab my math book, i am actually really smart at math and always get straight A's. At first i was surprised that i wasn' classified into the "nerdy" group but if i'm considered popular then who wouldn't be happy.




I sat down at my assigned desk and started chatting with a group of girls at the table next to me, they were kind and sweet. eventually people started sitting at my table but there was still a seat next to me.

It was then i realized that there was a boy i'd never seen before standing at the front of the class.

Mrs Rebecca introduced us to him and his name was Lincoln. unfortunately for me he sat in the empty seat beside me. (groan)

the whole class he wouldn't stop talking, wouldn't listen to the teacher and eventually got sent out to the principles class. I snickered at him and got an evil glance back as if he was saying that i would pay.

It was at this time i knew i shouldn't have done that. 

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