becoming a super star

the main character a.k.a Lozza has won a trip to Sydney and gets a suprise by getting a ticket to a VIP one direction concert, she doesn't really know them but is willing to go and meets them. she becomes such good friends with Harry that he invites her on tour with them.


1. Chapter 1: The trip

Lauren's POV:

I stood behind the counter at Starbucks watching the TV that stood up in the corner of the restaurant. an ad came on promoting a competition to get your own singing record. I lightly hit my best friend in the arm.

Matilda aka Tilly: OW! what was that for?

L (Lauren): did you see that ad on the TV?

T: yeah why? are you going to go for it? ;)

L: of course i am! but you have to do it to.

T: fine, so what do we have to do?


Work finished at 4pm and I invited tilly around to my house after to record the audition tape for the competition.

L:ok so i am going to sing Confident by Demi Lovato.

I started singing as tilly recorded epic shots and angles as i was singing, i was acting like i was infront of a crowd and was actually recording this song. Now it was Tilly's turn.

T: hello, i'm Matilda and today i will be singing "I hate you, I love you" by Gnash ft olivia o'brian.

she started singing a bit off pitch but soon got on track and nailed it. We both sent in the audition tapes hopeful to get in. i doubted that we would get in but it was worth a try.



Authors note:

thank you for reading and please spread word about this book, i will update this book every monday and friday or maybe even more because we're off for holidays


what's your favourite song?


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