Two worlds in one forest

You meet a devil on a trip to earth. You and he have both been sent to a forest for a test. What you didn’t know was that you were not alone. Suddenly a devil shows up and it all gets more complicated.
But you know that, if you go home, you will have failed the test. The test is about surviving, and you have to do it a month without help from family or friends. You will get the basic instincts that humans have. Hunger, thirst, loneliness, anger, regret, whatever. You can’t kill the demon, and have to live with the fact that he is in the forest too. But what will happen when he’s the only civilization there is?


1. Enemies

I can't believe this! Why of all did they choose me? Why do I have to be the first one to go through this?! I'm not fit to live on earth! And especially not in the woods!  I hate that rule. that everybody has to go through this test! I mumble to myself and try to forget that I just stepped into something and I don't want to know what it is. ,, It's a stupid test! You hear me up there?!! It's stupid, I say!" I scream up to the sky while I walk by a river. ,, At least my friends can't see how much I suck at this" I sigh and hop over a fallen tree. I'm not fit to be a human, nor am I fit to be an angel. What else can I be? A snail, maybe?
Up in the sky I have my wings, and there are no such things as mud or mould.  It's all clean and nice, not filthy and with so many colors that give you a headache. I grumble when I fall and the clothes they gave me, get all filthy and smelly.  I try to wipe it off, when I go further into the woods.
I swear, if I survive this month without going insane, I will never, ever complaint about being an angel. I would rather be a clean, flying, unhappy angel, than a filthy, walking human. I can't believe they can live in this! And their clothes? Argh! It's all itchy and heavy.  I sit on a rock and look up at the starry sky. Mom, dad, I know you said I would grow stronger in this, but... a whole month without anybody to talk to? All alone, in a place I have never been to before, but have just been looking at for the past 17 years.
I sniffle loudly and hide my head in my hands, as I hear a loud complain coming from somewhere near. I look surprised towards the place that the curse is coming from. Human? No it can't be, I'm further into the woods than any human has ever been. But if it's neither an angel, nor a human.... Oh no... No, no, no! It can't be happening! I hide behind the rocks when footsteps come my way.
A tall young man steps out of the bushes, with an unsatisfied look on his face, and wipes off the dirt that clings to his dark clothes. A Demon?! Here?!  Of all places, did he have to get up here? Goosebumps claim my back as their territory, when he walks right past me.  
,, Stupid test! How the hell will this make me a better demon?! Crawl with the pigs they say. Bullshit is what I will call it!" he screams and stomps on the ground with an angry look on his face.
So he's here because of a test, too, I think, and step backwards to get away. A loud sound is heard, and he turns my way, I look down and see that I have just stepped on a branch. 
Our eyes meet and his eyes grow with surprise, and all I can think about is: crap, crap! Crap!! If I survive this, I'm going to kill you, God! Of course I have to meet a devil, when I'm totally blocked out and can't get help from anybody! He begins to walk towards me, I step back. And before he can do anything, I'm running screaming through the forest.  Of all forests in the world for God's sake! Why this one?!
,, Hey!" he yells somewhere behind me. I speed up and try not to panic,, hey I said! Stop that hideous running, you freaking rat with wings!" I stop up surprised by what I just heard. I do it so suddenly that he runs right past me before he realizes that I have stopped. He looks at me with a gasping breath.
,, what did you just call me?" I ask and put my hands on my hips. 
He smirks at me with a devils smile and says,, You heard me, or can't your little bird brain take such words?" Before I even think that it is a devil, I'm about to attack. I slap him across the face.
He looks surprised at me, and I also look surprised at my hand.
Did I just hit a demon? Oh God, I'm so dead. Suddenly he begins to laugh.
,, A birdie that's not afraid to give out punches? Now I have seen it all!" He claps his knees with laughter and tries to get his breath. I look at him viciously and say coldly. ,, My name is not birdie, you trash. And how dare you laugh at me? If I had had my powers, I could have deleted you from earth you scum!" He dries his eyes and looks at me, as if I was a little child that tried to argue with an adult. ,, If I had had my powers, I would have burned you over a fire down in hell right now, birdie.  But just because I don't have my powers, it doesn't mean I can't hurt you. So... if I were you, I would feel delighted that I will not do it. You are not my problem right now, come again in about a month, and I will gladly burn your white wings." Suddenly I didn't understand why I was so afraid, we are in the same situation, and just because he's a devil, and it will be natural for him to hurt me, doesn't mean that I can't protect myself, or even hurt him. ,, Sadly for me, I am stuck here and have to see your face for the next month. I'm as much stuck here as you. Asshole "
He looks confused and says,, what do you mean? Are you on a stupid test too? I have heard that you birdbrains do a test too, like we do." I nod and take a good look at him. He doesn't look like the guys in heaven at all. All about him screams: Bad. He's tall and built, with short dark hair, which seems to always fall down over his eyes. He causally flicks his head to get it away. He can't be much older than me, maybe 19 years? He looks at me the same way, I feel his dark green eyes looking at every inch of my body. Right from the long curly brown hair, to my small waist. If my parents knew that I just checked out a demon, they would blackout in surprise and fear. I begin to walk away but he walks after me. ,, Where are you going birdbrain?" he asks and pulls a lock of my hair, I shake out of his grip and look suspiciously at him. He smiles like it's nothing and keeps following me. ,, I'm trying to get away from you. You're a demon, I'm an angel. Can you see what I'm talking about? We are enemies, nemesis. And here we are just insulting each other because we can't kill each other. So what do you say, demon? Do we separate know like we're supposed to? Or are you planning to follow me till you see the right time to kill me?" I turn around so I stand right in his face. "We are not supposed to meet. This is a test of survival. Not a test of getting along with a demon. So let's split up and each take a part of the forest. Just because, they didn't plan on you, being here, doesn't mean that I can't do the test". He acts like he thinks about it and scratches his head. ,, I don't know birdie, they can't see what I'm doing up here, and I suppose that they can't see you up there either. So why should I go from you, when you are so fun to insult?" if I have had my powers demon...
I begin to walk again and act like he's not there. Sometime soon he will think it is boring and go so I can do my test right. Mom said that feelings I never have had before will begin to show up. Human instinct she called it.  So I have to find some water and food. But... what exactly is food? I know what water is, but food, what can you eat? Grass? Trees? I had never had to worry about something like that, we don't need water and food, we survive on the energy that is around us. We don't have human's feelings. Will feelings appear too? I talked with some of the humans in heaven, and the feelings don't sound like I will be happy to have them.  Love for humans, hate for demons, that's the feeling I know. That's the feeling any angel has, nothing more, nothing less. I'm just so crazy that I don't always have this feeling. I don't always love humans, and I'm walking peacefully right now with a demon.
Holy Maria, I have a death wish. 
I look at him out of the corner of my eye, he is just looking curiously around.  Oh yeah right, he just came. 
I have been here for 2 days, and I had probably the same wondering face like he has now, when I came. He turns my way and smiles a devilish smile at me, I take myself smiling back, and quickly turn my head away. Why is it that I don't run around screaming in fear? That's the right reaction for a young angel like me, I'm in a forest, all alone, no powers, and with a devil that would could kill me even without his powers. And I'm not terrified. I'm.... excited?  Isn't it what people call this feeling?
A little bit scared, but can't wait to see what happens next. ,, hey birdie.... We are stuck here with each other for a month. And it's not like there are others to talk to... so... my name is Damon" he mumbles and looks at his feet. I can't help but laugh when I hear is name. He looks pissed at me and I trying to tell him why I laugh so hard,, a demon... called....Damon?!... Come on! That's funny!" A little smile shows up in his eyes, he shrugs he's shoulders and say nonchalantly,, My mom had a weird humor, my dad says. My sister's name is Angela." We both began to laugh, while we walk through the woods to the cape I found yesterday. It's funny, how we act normal with each other, I think while we climb the little mountain up to the cape. It's like we don't realize what the other is. That we actually are enemies. 
Maybe is it that feeling that they call loneliness that is in play right now. They say that it is when you are all alone, any company is pleasant. Maybe that's why, we feel loneliness and we take it away with each other's company. That's why we don't separate, even when it's the right thing to do. 
Funny, a human feeling can make enemies, for over a million years, to feel something you can describe as acceptance for one another. ,, my name is Cassie" I say when we reach the cape. 
He climbs in and makes himself comfortable in the blades and branches I have taken up there.  He smiles at me and says,, you know what Cassie? Even if you are a birdie, I think I will learn to like your company." Same for me I think, but I don't say it out loud. It will actually maybe be an interesting month after all. We smile at each other and make a plan of how we will survive this.

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