Collection of Poetry

Here is a collection of poetry I make daily. I will add poems to this book weekly and will update it after I make another poem. It will be all kinds of poems. Even poems from fandoms and T.V shows I watch.


12. Wings

    You flew away, to far to see, to high to catch, I'm scared of heights , I wish you knew, that whatever heights you flew, I wish I could be there with you, through clouds, thick and thin, but the wings you have can't carry, the burden of my fear, oh my dear, I love you when you smile ear to ear, I love you when you hold my hand, but I have a demand, give me wings, fear cannot hold my tears, I would cry them all to get a pair, once the day comes, I will wait, at the stairway, you stay there, maybe you have  a wish too, I would fulfill it, now since the day has not come I will wait with you, for you, love you, loose you, tell me, love me, but you flew to far that night, I climbed those stairs alright, but we climbed to far with might, so this time you fell and I reached the staircase and look, there you fell, from the place thy gave me wings, from the place that give me you.

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