Collection of Poetry

Here is a collection of poetry I make daily. I will add poems to this book weekly and will update it after I make another poem. It will be all kinds of poems. Even poems from fandoms and T.V shows I watch.


8. Souls

     The sun is bright,your hands are tight,tightly wrapped around my soul,they squeeze and squeeze until eternity takes its toll,the buck sheds its antlers,I shed tears,because this soul of mine is not that strong,one thing or another will go wrong,the trees change over time,the seasons all change,soon leaves that are orange,will fade in the fall,and soon after that will fade until they fall,I'm sorry I fell,but your grip was too tight,maybe you tried with to much might,but don't forget I tried as well,I tried to love you until my heart swelled,you only squeezed tighter,trapped in a cell,may the odds be ever in your favor,but soon you'll fall,once again,a lonely leaf hit the ground,a lonely tree stood tall,soon the others left,nothing was left at all. 

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