Collection of Poetry

Here is a collection of poetry I make daily. I will add poems to this book weekly and will update it after I make another poem. It will be all kinds of poems. Even poems from fandoms and T.V shows I watch.


2. Sakura

     Sakura trees bloom,in these lands they shine pink,the mountains of your love burst,to the very peak,sometimes I even think,you can be this big,arms held out wide,like this mountainous range of land,accept your embrace like the frail branches in the spring,petals caressing my soft skin,beautiful like the flowers all across this place,oh Japan I'll come again,once the trip is over,I will still remember,so you won't forget the land  where I began,the wind is tainted with the scent,of the branches filled with sweetness,they are the flowers in the wind,they are the the Sakura begins to bloom.

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