Collection of Poetry

Here is a collection of poetry I make daily. I will add poems to this book weekly and will update it after I make another poem. It will be all kinds of poems. Even poems from fandoms and T.V shows I watch.


7. Long Live the King

     The forest is old,trees have grown,they shade the ground,and hide the crown,roots lay where you kingdom once stood,they hide away these thrones,ones you sat upon,the stolen crown laid upon the ground,left there for no one,stayed there for no one,as those leaves fell,you lost your throne, and all the kingdoms fell, an old forest holds a deep history,it's trapped in the ground, old pottery,dig up the past,it may be too deep,but rubies shall shine from the treasure you find, and also golden apples will fall from these trees,rich and old history,a king without a kingdom,a dictator without his cronies,what about the forgotten story,the sun finally reveals,an upturned crown,there it is,laid upon the ground,what can you do with a stolen crown,find the owner,but he is long gone,another piece of history,so leave it alone,but the next day you came back it was gone,taken by the ruler,stolen by the king,you can never steal the spirit,not the spirit of the King. 

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