Collection of Poetry

Here is a collection of poetry I make daily. I will add poems to this book weekly and will update it after I make another poem. It will be all kinds of poems. Even poems from fandoms and T.V shows I watch.


14. Akama Ga Kill

      I wrote this poem in honor of the Tatsumi and Mine from Akame Ga Kill~ Walls and bricks try to block 
But a single fist is all I need to get to you
I will break through whatever it takes
To reach your hands 
They spin me around 
They help me up 
They caress my face 
I cannot loose you 
I will reach your face
I will kiss it again
I will touch it again 
I will wipe your tears again
Your legs are so small 
But I will reach them again 
Can I lift them up again 
Can I mend them again 
Can i watch them run again 
They will reach me and they will reach you
Eyes they can see the pain 
Your eyes will look into mine more 
Your eyes will watch us go 
Your eyes will see the beautiful things I show to you 
In These bodies we have we will live and in these bodies we will die 
Once you are able to reach across the rubble which has been blocking is with walls and bricks 
We have awaited to see each other again 
Now we stand hand in hand staring into the sun 
Watch it rise 
And listen as our hearts slow 
A single bullet bomb shall send you up there 
I'll hold you until we meet our lips for the first and last time
Then when I fight again I will wait for you 
When I fight I saved them all in your name 
I remember the way your eyes glistened with tears 
I remembered the hair that blew in your eyes and sparkled pink 
I remembered the way you said,"I love you." Then I as I bled I watched ice form and there you stood awaiting me again 
But this time we were together and we were all going to be forever

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