Tarquin Morgan Anthology- My love for vehicles

This is a poetry anthology that was begun in my year 9 English class. Mainly all of my poems are about drag racing and my love for the sport and vehicles. This anthology is dedicated to my dad, Don and his other friends for teaching me about cars, how they work and tips and tricks to make them run stronger and harder.


7. Address poem

Old wreck

At first glance you look like a wreck 

an old rust bucket only worth scrap

but as they take a second look they'll see 

that your just an old school guy who needs love, attention and TLC.

Who can look aggressive and mean with your angry low stance

blower out the hood

and showing off your Bling not caring who sees.

Its not an easy road for you and I

you're all work and effort

but at the end of the day when I look at you I say to myself

"Damn I'm good"


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