Dylens anthology-family

This is a poetry anthology that was begun in my year 9 English class.
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8. How to Read a Poem

How to read a poem

Reading a poem is quite simple,but reading a poem aloud and with effects and character is a bit trickier,but that's what I'm here for.


Step 1:

Read through slowly,so your audience can process all the words better and get a better understanding,then they would if you were speeding your way through,so you can get the poem over and done with.

(Make sure not to read the poem to slow!)


Step 2:

Read the poem naturally or normally,relax while you're reading the poem and remember to speak loud and clearly so the audience can hear all the words as clear as possible.


Step 3:

Pausing ,when reading a poem try pausing at the end of every line so it gives it a little effect, and it will interrupt the flow of the poems sense.(When reading a poem readers will normally pause at a punctuation!)


Step 4:

Remember to use the dictionary to look up unfamiliar words to make sure the reader can make sense of the poem more,when reading aloud.



Inspired by Billy Collins

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