Dylens anthology-family

This is a poetry anthology that was begun in my year 9 English class.
I'm meant to write a blurb that will make out my book is fantastic,but I'm not to sure if it's any good or not.So I'm encouraging you to read my book of inspirations,desires and many idiotic things one of my family members has done in her life,so you can see for yourself that well,actually my books Phenomenal. So what are you waiting for READ my book!!


13. Dylen Kingi

Dylen Kingi

I'm a student who has been forced into writing this book as an English assessment,on poetry,which I've surprisingly enjoyed and I've became a poetry fanatic over this short term.


I'm a young girl, who comes from a rather large family of seven and I have been blessed with many siblings,one older sister Logan, who inspires me to strive high,two younger brothers,Arapeta and Te Aorangi, who have very unique personalities. Unfortunately I'm stuck with one of my brothers, who talks so much he could power my parents car! And the youngest is my adorable lil sister Carson.Finally my parents,Shiree, who is my loud and lovely mother who runs the show and basically organizes my whole life and lucky last, Fraser my hands on,intelligent father who is my families 'Bread Winner' and our families clown.

My interest are very much different to poetry or writing books in that case.I enjoy:

socializing with mates,mostly mucking around,sports and adrenaline activities.Through all those adrenaline activities I do get worn out and use my spare time doing one of my other passions (art) to relax and impress my mother.

Location Location

My parents have this annoying habit of moving all over the country,I have moved so much times I think I've lost count.I would love to tell you where but there is just to much places to list.If there is one thing I have enjoyed about moving location to location is that I have meet incredible people through all that moving.

I could go on about myself but I'd have to write about 10 more books, which i'd rather not even go there.So that is just a little insite into mee.



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