The roommate

Tory levvington needs a roommate. Not because she needs one, but because she's bored of being alone. When she finally finds the right roommate, things don't go as expected...

"Tory." he whispered in my ear. Shivers falling down my back.
"I...I can't do this." I shuddered.
"But, Tory." he groaned as he slid his hands across my stomach.
"Please. I don't want to..." I let out a moan as he sucked on my ear.
"James..." I sighed as I melted into his hold.
"I knew you couldn't resist me." he cooed.
"Shut it." I said and spun around, placing my chest against his, and kissed him hard.


14. Importante

Hey guys. You know how I asked for comments and story ideas? I really need those. I have my ending set up and the build up ready but I need in between chapters. If you give me any ideas whether it be a character meet up between two books or your take or an idea you have but rant very good at writing and want it out there. I appreciate all and any ill get and ill shout you out i just really need help with this or it may take a week or two each chapter before I settle on an idea. Thanks guys

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