The roommate

Tory levvington needs a roommate. Not because she needs one, but because she's bored of being alone. When she finally finds the right roommate, things don't go as expected...

"Tory." he whispered in my ear. Shivers falling down my back.
"I...I can't do this." I shuddered.
"But, Tory." he groaned as he slid his hands across my stomach.
"Please. I don't want to..." I let out a moan as he sucked on my ear.
"James..." I sighed as I melted into his hold.
"I knew you couldn't resist me." he cooed.
"Shut it." I said and spun around, placing my chest against his, and kissed him hard.


16. Halloween haunting


I woke up screaming. My heart raced and my throat hurt. I didn't have a bad dream. It was actually James's fault. He decided, since last night I slept in a tank top and underwear, it would be funny if he dumped ice cold water on me.

I hopped out of the bed screaming my head off. James burst out laughing.

"Happy Halloween!" he beamed. I punched his chest as hard as I could, which Wasnt very hard, And yelled at him.

"You fucking asshole! I would've liked to sleep in!" James continued laughing.

"Im sorry baby." he held me back.

"I hate you." I mumbled.

"Love you too." James chuckled.
"Get out of my room." I shoved him out the doorway.


Today was Halloween. Also my families annual Halloween haunted house I am to participate in. 


Sense the sarcasm?

I flipped through my clothes and just stuck on my old sweat pants and a T-shirt. Might as well be comfortable for the car ride. James came back into my room with a confused expression.

"Hey, babe... What's the suitcase for?" he motioned into the living-room.

"You seriously forgot?" I groaned. "The haunted house is tonight and im staying with my parents for the weekend." 

"Am I supposed to go too?"

"No. You were dropping me off and going to visit your dad. Remember?" I sighed.

"Yeah. Right." he said, still confused.


"Okay babe. Its almost ten. I wanna be out of here. Lets go." I hollered down the hall. James wheeled out his suitcase and smiled.


I settled in his car and i turned on the radio. Marilyn Manson started playing and we turned it up. I was jamming hardcore. James kept looking over at me and laughing.

"You got a problem bruh?" I playfully glared at him. James looked back at the road.

"Not a single one." he smiled.


The whole two hour drive was the best. All the best rock hits came on like bohemian rhapsody by queen and cut the cord by shinedown and ton of nirvana.  But there more grunge.

The downfall to every road trip always comes. Our downfall, was running out of gas in the middle of nowhere.

The car started to sputter and ding and James gave me a scared look. 

"I forgot to fill it while we were going to the bathroom." He said.

"God damnit James." I yelled. I pulled out my phone and screamed.

"No fucking bars?!" I gave him a worried look.

"Hey. Its only noon. Well make it."

We got out of the car and started walking, looking for a rest stop or something. I held up my phone looking for signal. 

"Babe. Its useless." James huffed.

"No its not. If I do t-"

"Shhh babe! Don't move! I got one bar." I said. I carefully brought my free hand up to the call button and pressed my mothers face. 

"Hello?" she asked.

"Mom! Thank god! We need g-" 

"Were sorry. You are out of range of service."

"God fucking damn!!!" I screamed.

"Babe. Calm down. There's a building down the road." James said as he pointed to the top of a house.

"Thank God."


James and I waited at the pub until my brother came in. He looked completely different. I didn't even know it was him until he called my name.

"David!?" I squealed. "Oh my god! You grew so much!" I hugged him tightly.

"You havnt changed much. Seem a bit skinnier." he said looking concerned.

"Yeah... Rough time." I ran my hand along the back of my hair.

"Oh. Your hair got so long. Its really pretty when its past your shoulders. You can see your red curls." David teased me.

"Stop it!" I laughed. I turned around to see an uncomfortable James.

"Oh! Right! Sorry." I laughed. I took James's hand and put him in front of my brother. It was odd because David was a good head taller than James. And James was a good 3 heads taller than me.

"David. Meet my boyfriend, James Clark." I smiled.

Davids face hardened.

"You're dating this prick? Isn't he the one that fucking bullied you." David clenched his jaw.

"David. Hes different now. I promise you."

"Hes a fuckboy that's what he is." he said stiffly. "Cars out front."

We followed him to moms red jeep and I got up front. James was forced to cram into the back. Poor baby.


Mom was stoked. I could smell her happy baking from here. I knew it was her happy baking because it smelled delicious. Her upset baking is usually Mexican food. Blah.

I entered the kitchen and snuck up behind her.

"Hello mother. Im home." I smiled. Mom turned around shocked. 

"When did you leave? You were up in your room all day. Could you hand me the parsley from the cubbord?" she asked.

I handed her the parsley and gave her a confused look.

"Hanna. Why in the world are you staring at me?" mom sighed.

I stepped back shocked.

"Hanna?!" I gasped.

"You're not Hanna? Huh! Victoria! My baby!" she gasped and threw her arms around me. 

"Hi mom." I heaved out. Unable to breathe from her tight grasp.

"Everyone else is upstairs go say hello." mom pinched my elbow.

"Okie dokie." I shoved James into the kitchen to meet my mother and I softly headed upstairs. I opened hannas door and she was facing the wall listening to music. 

I slowly crept up behind her and started shaking her. Hanna screamed bloody murder and cracked me upside the head with a book. Her chest heaving up and down rapidly as she stared at me in bewilderment.

"You scared the shot out of me." she shrieked.

"I noticed." I said rubbing my head.

"Well... Atleast your here." she smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"Yeah..." I sighed. "You look so different." 

"Yeah. Mom always mixes me up for you. It gets soooo annoying." she sighed.

"Ah! I know right? When Ethan and I were still here, do you remember how dad always called ya by eachothers names? We didn't even look alike." I laughed.

"You down here for the haunted house tonight?" she asked as she winded her headphones around her phone.

"Yep. And I brought a guest." I smiled.

"Oh. Who?" she wiggled her eyebrows.

"James Clark." I smiled.

Hannas mouth fell open.

"I... I dated his brother." she started to giggle.

"No way." I laughed.

"Yes way." she laughed with me.

"Hanna! Get down here! I need your help in the barn!" dad yelled from downstairs.

"The haunted house is in our barn this year. More room." she shrugged. "Ill talk to you later. We've got a lot to catch up on." 


Next door down was my twin brothers room. That's one thing James doeant know. There's another one of me. Well. There's technically 3. Ethan Hanna and me.

I opened his door to find him stacking his suitcase beside another suitcase that was pink.

"Knock knock." I smiled. Ethan looked up and his whole face lit up.

"Tory? Is that really you?" he smiled.

"In the flesh." I held out my arms for a hug.

"I can believe it!" he sighed as he hugged me tightly.

"I missed you too." I laughed. "Whose suitcase?" 

"Her name is mallory. And she really sweet." Ethan sighed. "She works with me."

"Awe. Office romance." I cooed. " I have a plus one too. James Clark." 

"Sounds familiar." he pondered.

"Probably not..." I said sending him the other direction. "Whereas uh... Mallory?" 

"In the bathroom." he said as he turned back to his suitcase.

"Cool." I said as I flopped onto his bed.

"Your bed was always so much comfier than mine." I sighed.

"Because you never broke yours in. You always slept on that hideous body chair you found at a yard sale." he chuckled.

"Did mom get rid of that? Because if not? James is totally getting the bed tonight." I laughed.

"Still there." he cringed.



Mom had called us all down to an early dinner at 4:00 so we would have time to get ready for tonight and be perfect and keep our town legend name as the scariest house hold.

We sat at the obsolete  table and passed around the food.

"So Tory. When did you and James first meet?" dad asked. During the whole dinner James had been messing around with me. Hed stick his hands in my pockets, poke me, ect. And right now? He was tickling me. 

"We uh..." jerk to the left. "Met in school." held in giggle. "Softmore year."

Dad gave me a questionable look. I grasped James's hand and stuck it in his own lap. He moved it back onto my knee and continued to raise it up my leg. 

I pinched his hand and he drew back. I smiled to myself.


James and I went upstairs after dinner and I opened my old closet and pulled out my costume my mom bought me on amazon. I smiled at it. It was the coolest costume ever. I was a shadow. Mom said im allowed to sneak around in the dark parts of the barn and jump out and grab people.

James decided it was time for him to go to his house so he left me to go stay with his dad. He seemed really off lately. More confused and forgetful. 

I shrgged it off and met my family down in the living-room. My father was a werewolf, David was a mummy, Ethan was an evil scientist, mallory was his test subject who supposedly was going to have fake intestines hanging out, mom was a circus host and was going to creepily tell people to enter, and Hanna. Hanna was the creepiest. She was going to sit in a rocking chair in town clothes with a babydoll singing to the baby in a scary manner and then she was going to look up and make everybody quiet down and whisper:

"Shhh don't wake the baby." and when everyone got quiet, she would scream bloody murder.

I guess mom hired a bunch of people to volunteer as other acts too. But they're probably not as good as ours. I mean, were the levvingtons. We thrive on creepiness.


It was 3 am when we finally closed down business. I had scared almost everyone that passed me and I accidentally made one little girl pee herself. I felt so bad.

Dad took us all it to dairy queen and it felt perfect. As if I was still in highschool. And nobody has changed. But honestly... He all have. Were all 3 years older. Davids 23 now, Ethan's my age, 19, and Hanna. She's the only kid left in the house. And even then ages gone next year. Going to Burkley.

I couldn't help but smile at all of us.

"Why are you so happy." mom nudged me.

"I just... I love you guys." I smiled.

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