Living with One Direction

Madison Carter like every other 15 year-old girl is taken to a slave house were she learns the Motto 'Talk little, Wear little and Eat Little'.
This is a story of how Madison is afraid of One Direction but after some ups and downs she learns to trust them. And maybe even love one of them....
** Warning! I don't know the guys personally so I don't know if they are like this in real life **


1. The Slave House



Three years ago

“GET UP!!” Someone screams in my left ear. I jolt awake to see my twin brother, Sammy, laughing at me.

"Urghhh! You're so annoying, Sammy." I say as I throw a pillow at him. He dodges it easily and smiles at me.

“You love me.” He sings.

"Only because I have to," I reply with a smirk. He looks at me and starts to pretend cry.

“You’re so mean!!” He pokes his tongue out at me. I poke my tongue back out at him.

“Sammy! Madison! Breakfast!”

“Coming!” Sammy replies. “Last one downstairs is-- ”

I don’t hear what else he says because I push past him and race downstairs. Sammy comes down moments later, with a pout on his face. I pinch his cheeks.

“Awwww. Poor Sammy-whammy lost!” I laugh.

“Whatever.” He replies.



A tear slips down my cheek. I miss him the most. When I got taken off the street, they only thing I thought about was Sammy. You see, for some fucking sick reason, the government decided that when a girl hits 15 years old, they have to be stolen and taken away to a warehouse were they while be trained to be come a slave. We are taught to eat little, talk little and wear little. We have three years to learn all this before we get brought by our 'Master'. If we don't comply to what they say, they can chose to beat us or kill us. Oh yeah, and we have to stay with our 'Master' for the rest of our lives unless we get set free.

Knock! Knock!

“Come in!” I yell. I wipe the tears from my eyes as, my only friend in this hellhole, Sarah walks in with a tray of food for the two of us. Dinner (and every meal, these days) consist of two slices of bread and an apple.

Sarah looks at me, after swallowing a bite of apple, “Is it bad that I will kinda miss this place?”

I choke on a piece of apple, “Very.” I laugh.

She sighs, “Thought so.” She looks at me, “I’m gonna miss you so much!”

“I’m gonna miss you too, Sarah!” I exclaim.

"I wish I could find a way to contact you Mad." Sarah sighs, "I am going to be so scared out there, by myself."

I hug her tightly, "It's okay Sarah. Everything will be fine."

She looks at her watch then stands up, “Well, Good Night, Madison. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a good sleep.” She closes the door behind her.

I snuggle down in my bed, as I think about tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will start a new life. Tomorrow, my new beginning begins.

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